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The Carved Forest enhances the beauty of the lenga forests of Cerro Piltriquitrón, in Río Negro

This tourist attraction can be visited all year round.

Río Negro

El Bosque Carlado, an open sky sculptural museum located on Cerro Piltriquitrón and built from the wood of gigantic dead lengas, became this summer one of the main tourist attractions of El Bolson, according to data from the Ministry of Tourism of that town of Rio Negro.
Piltriquitrón, which in Mapuche language means “Hill hanging from the clouds”, is in the Andes mountain range and reaches 2,300 meters above sea level, a few minutes from the center of the city of El Bolsón, which makes it an inevitable tourist reference for this southern provincial destination.
The hill has been home for over 20 years the Carved Forest, a unique museum of 56 pieces carved from the wood of large lengas dead during a fire four decades ago.
The Secretary of Tourism of El Bolson, Cristal Gutierrez, said that these sculptures “return magical images to this Patagonian hill” and said that for that reason “attracts many tourists who travel that area of the Andes mountain range.”
The tour to the Carved Forest, which is tourist attraction all year round, takes place in an environment sheltered by native flora, and begins in the center of El Bolsón.
Then you travel along Route 40 and enter a gravel road that leads to the sector known as Villa Turismo, from where you must follow about ten kilometers until you access the Piltriquitron platform.
Gutiérrez said that “in this place, in addition to appreciating the sculptures of the Carved Forest, you can access a first panoramic viewpoint of El Bolsón from where paragliders begin flight.”
“ The walk to the access to the open sky museum is of incomparable beauty because you can admire the valley of El Bolson at every step and recognize the magnitude of the Andes mountain range and that of the Patagonian forests,” he added.
These forests, as a result of two fires in 1978 and 1982, became a cemetery of giant lengas that gave a gloomy look to this mountain lung.
“ On the initiative of Marcelo López, sculptors from all over the country were summoned in 1998 to transform these burnt lengas into magnificent works of art into a dream place in the mountains that protect the life of El Bolsón,” Guiterrez said.
The Secretary of Tourism pointed out that “at present, the signage in wood provides precise reference of each work to those who travel through this museum in open air, which, framed on a careful path, makes its way between the leafy forest with unique characteristics that consolidates itself as one of the main tourist attractions of the Region”, added.
Also the director of tourism of El Bolson, Sofia Seroff, referred to the Carved Forest in dialogue with Télam, and said that “it is a super visited tour by many tourists; it is a traditional walk and from the Ministry of Tourism we provide all the information so that the people who visit us know them”.
“ It is an open pit museum unique in the world, for these sculptures made by different artists where each put his imprint on his work, since it was not assigned, but made freely,” he explained.

Source: Telam

Publication Date: 24/03/2019

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