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The beautiful experience of climbing the Piltriquitron

We can not visit El Bolsón and not feel the adrenaline of summit in Piltriquitron.

If you like to stay moving when going on vacation, the   Andes Mountain Range   is one of the places to visit and  El Bolsón, on the rionegrino side of the  Andean Region of Paralelo 42 is ideal for that, since in its vicinity it has activities of different difficulty that allow us to contemplate the immensity and beauty of  Patagonia .

One of the places that cannot be ignored on a tour of this town south of  Rio Negro  is the  hill Piltriquitrón  , which in   mapuche    means “hanging from the clouds”, referring to their location and shape.

Getting to the top of the “ Piltri “, as they shorten it to the hill (although more than one can confuse the “tr” and call it “Pilqui”), you don't have to be an elite athlete, but it has stretches that are complicated and the ideal for summit is the summer season. The last kilometer becomes steep, and the ground of stone, mud and snow can turn it into a strenuous ascent.

To get to “the platform”, the start of the tour can be reached by car by a gravel road, although the most adventurous arrive on foot. On the hillside of the hill there are accommodation complexes, craft workshops, nurseries, tea houses and places from where horseback riding can be arranged to explore the place. The bravest, are encouraged to practice  paragliding .

On the first stretch of the hike to the top of the “Piltri”, you will reach the famous  Carved Forest , a place that has about 40 works done in dead specimens of lenga which in recent years became a boom in  El Bolsón , but the journey does not end there and you have to continue the way to the shelter of the hill and the top.

 At 1200 meters above sea level is the refuge, a place where you can already contemplate a wonderful view of the  Patagonian  town and also of El Hoyo, Lake Puelo, a tip of Lake Epuy & eacute; n the hill Tres Picos that gives frame to the valley of the river Azul.  

On a clear day, you can also see  Tronador Hill in  Bariloche and Chile's Osorno volcano.

The shelter offers a warm space - because it is summer, autumn, spring or winter, up there it is quite cold so you need to be there a while to replenish energy. You can also find water for the mate,  craft beer , hot chocolate, pizza or ham sandwich or salame and cheese with homemade bread which are a delight.

And if we reject strength, nothing better than continue to the top of Piltriquitron, which is 2260 meters above sea level. Many decide to conclude their tour at the refuge - which is already a real accomplishment- but the most enthusiastic ones continue the road and conquer the mountain achieving an even more impressive view.

A stone monolith is what warns us that the mission is accomplished: the wind blows, the silence calms us and the snow, even in January accompanies us while we observe snow-capped peaks, lakes, meadows, the towns of the region and the lakes of that incredible colour. A panoramic view that should be immortalized with a photo with the camera or phone, but still recorded on the retina of those arriving.

The “Piltri” has a plus: according to the stories told by indigenous peoples, the hill is considered a reservoir of healing energy, and many of those who have reached that point of   The Baggins   feel a better mood and a healing energy, although they reach the  Patagonia , for many, is a guarantee of a better mood.

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