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The Baggins of the Good Vibration (Part 2)

We continue to discover the city of good vibes in Rio Black and all the attractions it offers for its visitors. Take a note.

Río Negro

As we had already shared in the first part, El Bolsón (Black River) has multiple attractions and very good vibes. A very picturesque centre that invites you to relax and share some mates. An international artisans fair with different regional product proposals. Also the Pitri and its various trails for lovers of trekking and nature. However, there is much more in this Rionegrin city of good vibes.

Waterfalls Circuits

The famous Escondida Waterfall is located in the Mallín Ahogado area. It is born from the Arroyo del Medio that borders Route 40 and ends in the Quemquemtreu River, near the city.

The main waterfalls are Del Mallín and Escondida. They are reached by trails surrounded by Patagonian vegetation and humid climate. The truth is, you have to walk a long way to find them.

The Del Mallín waterfall has a height of 20 meters. It is possible to observe the descent of water on the rocky landscape and to feel the great hydroic energy of the place. The road to her is very picturesque. It involves crossing different farms where standing fruit trees are produced, a variety of cheeses and sweets, hops and also vegetables.

Viewpoints for all tastes

From the main access to the path leading to the waterfall Escondida, you can access the Botanical Garden and a third path that leads to the “Mirador a El Bolsón ”. This is a panoramic point that is 300 meters from that main point. From there you can see the city of El Bolsón. Also the agricultural area, access to the Cuesta del Calf (road to El Mtoitén) and the river I'll get you from the Black River.

Another proposal is El Mirador del Azul, located 4 km from the center. This is a panoramic spot with good vibes, which has an iconic stone appeal. Cabeza del Indio is a sphinx shaped like a human face from which you can take the most shocking photos of the area. During the tour of this viewpoint, tourists can take small breaks on the benches located on the trail.

Interesting facts

The typical question we all ask when we're about to travel to a destination is what to take? In this case, and given the attractiveness of this city, it is recommended:

  • Comfortable clothing and footwear
  • A bottle of water to recharge
  • Sunscreen factor 30 or more
  • Sunglasses
  • A cap
  • Some coat given the varying temperatures of the place
  • Nuts or products that give a share of energy
  • And, almost without exceptions, a camera

Publication Date: 18/01/2020

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