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Punta Perdices: the Caribbean beach of Patagonia

Punta Perdices became the vedette of the Port of San Antonio Oeste (Black River). Those who could visit it say
Río Negro
| 30 January, 2020 |

Located 60 kilometers from Las Grutas, Punta Perdices was not yet reached by the voracity of Rionegrin tourism. It is recognized as one of the 5 virgin beaches of the coast of our country.

Hidden inside the bay of San Antonio, to which is reached by Puerto San Antonio East, is considered the best in the region. Also known as Caleta Falsa, is a sea arm that penetrates the continent hundreds of meters like a smaller bay, allowing shelter from the wind.

Punta Perdices is characterized by its white sand, its turquoise seaand an intense blue sky. Its natural beauty surprises at any time of the day because, as in this whole part of the Atlantic region, the landscape changes with the behavior of the sea. Thus, one of the unique moments that are experienced is when the tide rises. The crystal clear water remains in the bay and, in the absence of waves, is transformed into a natural swimming pool.

The beach has a conchilla medano, a round stone beach and finally sand. Many say it’s U-shaped. Thus, these three distinct landscapes allow visitors more than one option to spend the day.

Some important facts

On this beach there are no services and it is only reached by vehicle. Don’t wait! Let the churrero or the choclero pass! It is recommended to those who wish to visit it arrive provided with everything you need to spend the day. Abundant water, food, parasol, sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen or snorkel equipment to enjoy the background, are some of the essential elements to pass the day in this heavenly place.

Who do not arrive expected food to pass the day can wait for the fall of sun and eat at the Port of San Antonio East. There are some cantinas, where you can taste fresh seafood.

From the port, you can contemplate another of the postcards offered by this place paradise. The view of fishing vessels and vessels that enter the pier of San Antonio West are a great attraction for lovers of the photograph.

Source: Diario Nuevo Día

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