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Let yourself be enchanted by the mysteries of the Somuncurá Plateau

The Somuncurá Plateau and its mysteries, an attractive offer for rural tourism in Patagonia.

Río Negro
Río Negro Meseta de Somuncurá

  Somuncurá  is a mysterious plateau , where throughout and wide you can see the immensity of nature painted with ochre, gray, orange or a certain blue/sky blue of some lagoon. Also some pink or white thanks to flamingos and sheep.  The proximity to Ramos Mexía and other places, they place it as a meeting point to continue enjoying  a  rural tourism  , more solitary or, failing that, more immersed in the accommodation.ntilde; and its geological richness, in marine fossils, cave paintings, traces thehuelches and ancient craters.

The Somuncura Plateau has the particularity of having less than half a resident per square kilometer. It is located in the central-south area of the province of   Rio Negro    .  It could be said that it advances what is the geographical and social daily life of the region that articulates  long distances  , the inhabitants not grouped into large cities such as   Buenos Aires ,  Cordoba or  Rosario . Somuncurá means, in Mapuche language, “stone that sounds (or speaks)”:  like the  wind  or the gallop of  Horses  .

 The plateau is part of a Natural Protected Area  ,  which bears its name, created in 1986. A territory of about 25,000 square kilometers, shared by the departments Nueve de Julio and Valcheta in Río Negro and Telsen in  Chubut , with ecoregions of the Patagonian steppe and mountain of plains and plateaus.

 The reliefs are more formed by cañadones -or corners, if a local dweller speaks - where the streams that caused them go down.  Temporary and clay lagoons, also natural characteristic, add to the landscape. Awakening the interest of those looking for stocks of species and subspecies of typical flora and fauna. As for example  the Somuncurá frog or the pilquín (   Patagonian Chinchillón) .

 The plateau in times past   was covered by the sea.  The evidence is given in remains and traces of marine fauna found in it and, also, the ways in which the waters carved into its slopes forming gulfs, capes, tips and bays, today dry between rural and fossil properties.

Another of the towns near the ANP and Somuncurá plateau is Los Menucos, which hosts the National Festival of Stone Laja every year. The town is located at the junction of RN 23 and RP 8, there is the same name station of the  Patagonian Train . The village is shown according to its livestock character and its historical link to the mining of the laja stone. A few kilometers and in vicinity of a salty lagoon, you can see a large deep mallin “everything that falls in it”, according to popular belief.

“ Plaeta Infinita”   is a group of rural inhabitants with more than 10 years of existence, whose main objective is to emphasize Somuncura touristically and identitarily in all its cultural and natural historical splendor   .  As they say, “they propose to go in search of the challenge and ascend to the mythical plateau with those who have traveled it for a lifetime. Deep cañadones, superb walls, lagoons in sunsets that cut your breath, nights under a universe of countless stars and days only disturbed by the murmur of the wind. Places to visit on this tour, where its inhabitants seem to live beyond time.” 

In times where people see the need to breathe deep, pure, the  Patagonian wind  can be a companion to enjoy nature to the full extent. A place to enjoy hiking, horseback riding, campfires, flora, fauna and formations of thousands and millions of years. The inhabitants of Somuncurá claim that the plateau is part of the   past, but also of the contemporary history of the province and Argentina. 

Publication Date: 24/11/2020

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