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Bariloche: where you wanted to be

I discovered this postcard from our Patagonia.

Río Negro

Bariloche is a city located among ancient forests, snow-covered mountains and crystalline lakes, in the province of Río Black, Argentina. A host city par excellence, framed by some of the most important natural beauties of the country.
The city is located within the Nahuel Huapi National Park, next to the Andes Mountains. In 2012 it was declared the national capital of adventure tourism, and in 2015 the national capital of chocolate.
In Bariloche you have a variety of activities to enjoy: traditional excursions, lake walks, snow for all tastes, the best gastronomy, young tourism, romantic outings, family activities, adventure, tranquility and a diverse cultural agenda. The city offers you so many options that you will want to visit us again and again.
Bariloche is one of the most intense and incredible places in Argentina. You will discover breathtaking views, lakes, streams, melting rivers and mountains. You will enjoy the fresh air, and the landscapes that are stained with the color of each season. The greening of the generous summer sun, the ochre rainbow of autumn, the burst of colors in spring and the bright white mantle that covers the winters.
Bariloche loads you with energy and fills you with peace. I experienced an adventure of sensations. I felt the pique of the cane when you catch a trout, watch the cauquenes, bandurrias and tareros that nest on the golf courts, listen to the sound of skis on a newly stepped track and caress the heat of the chimney sparks that slip into the snow between the flake and the flake.

Night arrives and Bariloche is known for its records and its nocturnal touristic circuit, where Spanish mixes with countless other languages. I toured the variety of theme pubs and bars while enjoying drinks and good music.
Gastronomy, with the highest quality of services, merges European culture with new flavors: game meats, fish, smoked meats, cheeses and fruits of the forest are the raw material for the most exquisite dishes of the region. A journey of flavors that will be kept in your memory: trout carpaccio, lamb strudel and the traditional curanto of Cologne Switzerland. For dessert, chocolate always wins, fondue, drunk or branch.
With quality accommodations, the offer of world-class hotels, inns, cabins, hostels, campsites and mountain refuges account for more than eight decades of tourist trajectory.
When you come, Bariloche goes with you. In the photo you are going to print this time and in the wallpaper that will remind you of the pleasure you felt, in the aromas and flavors, in the challenges and adventures, and in the inner peace that will be there when you need it most. I discovered Bariloche, who wouldn't want to be here?

Source: Turismo Bariloche

Publication Date: 04/01/2019

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