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An ecological venture in Las Grutas

The Altos del Mar Ecopark is one of the new proposals of Las Grutas.

Río Negro
Ecoparque Altos del Mar

In a time where the care of the environment has been intensifying, from education, deconstruction and also because of criticism of people and groups who do not care for it, in   Las Grutas   was born and oacute; a project that takes up — to some extent — what  El Desafío , in  Gaiman   , Chubut , contributed for more than 30 years: a landscape with objects and used and adorning the surroundings of a new business.

 The Ecopark Altos del Mar  is one of the new proposals of the beach resort rionegrina, demonstrating that an enjoyable link between recycled,  beach    and  nature , it is possible.  A rubber sculpture, of disused tyres, comes up in that property: it is a replica of a  frank southern whale ,  with its characteristic head and tail, as if it were one of those many photographs that they travel around the world: he appropriates the landscape like a life-size cetacean. The sculpture was made by  Mauro Vázquez , an artist who works daily with recyclable materials that he finds where he walks.

Altos del Mar Ecopark

Everything is built with elements and objects that, at some point, have been used in collective and individual activities and enjoyment: a new and second opportunity. Each work has a conceptualization and concrete history, a marked identity that can be seen enjoying a typical menu or a drink, while the landscape and sound are seagulls, waves and wind. From time to time, a hare or a fox is observed among the native flora.

 The project was carried out by Lorena Villaverde with her partner José Maria Clemant,  in a way to balance work and the beach from a sustainable edge in the environment. Look where you look, there are objects with stories that, in their entirety, make up a new and great second beginning: the “dome cervero, the first in the world”, as the owner will say, is one of the many recycled structures.

The Villaverde family's property continues with a stove and a kitchen that was a container that, formerly, transported fruit from the  Alto Valle de Río Negro  to other cities around the world and is a I remember previous editions of the  Blue Gulf National Festival , as the property is part of that popular celebration.

 Art and recycling can also be seen in the bathrooms : the walls are flooded with tickets and brochures of popular festivals of the past, where you can see nationally and internationally renowned artists while washing your hands and putting on gel alcohol.

Altos del Mar Ecopark

Each space represents a sector or part of the history and identity of the town, of   Río Negro   and also of Argentina. It is an innovative opportunity to understand the importance of caring for the planet and enjoying a cold drink looking at the sea; to collaborate with a local gastronomic and economic circuit and to review how scrap can be transformed into art.

Lorena enthusiastically comments that she needs and wants to continue adding other works of art that can be seen and felt an identity from recycling. The place is reached from the Tercera Bajada and the south access, called Omar Villaverde, in tribute to the late father of the entrepreneur.

Tires such as whale, container as kitchen and leaflets as wallpapering: the story is breathed in every step of the property that also has children's games. An attraction for the enjoyment of the whole family. The beach resort   rionegrina   of Las Grutas adds a new space that socializes in an enjoyable way with nature, according to what each person should understand: that we take care of the beaches and we enjoy each other; to re-educate ourselves is everyone's responsibility.

Publication Date: 02/02/2021

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