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Recover your passion on this trip through Patagonia

Patagonia offers a different alternative to explore and enjoy.
Río Negro
La Patagonia ofrece una alternativa distinta para recorrer y disfrutar.
30 December, 2019

In times when speed makes us forget that life exists, at times when everything seems to pass through a screen. In this note I propose to return to the essence: dialogue accompanied by a particular framework of nature, Patagonia.

An ideal trip to make as a couple, to strengthen ties or to reunite with those who were lost when they met. The first goal is to reach Viedma, the capital of the Black River province. Aerolíneas Argentinas offers 5 weekly flights, transport companies arrive or pass through Viedma on their way to the South. If you want to drive the national routes you are in good condition from any point you start.

Already in the city, the national capital of kayaking, the idea is to take the Patagonian Train, which runs through the province from the sea to the mountain range. It is a 827 kilometers route that takes place in 14 hours. Enough time to catch up on the talk, okay? It is a trip in which you cross the Patagonian steppe stopping at 11 locations before reaching the mountain destination.

We recommend buying tickets through the web, and booking in the car cabin so that the tour is full of luxuries and pleasures. Each bedroom has two sailor-style beds, large luggage racks, a small table convertible into a sink and furniture to store clothes.

All year the train leaves Viedma on Fridays at 18:00 and returns from San Carlos de Bariloche on Sundays at the same time. This will allow you to spend a night in the most populous city of the province. In January and February there is a service linking that town with San Antonio Oeste, which will allow them to spend a night in the warmer water resort of the entire Atlantic coastline, The Grottos. A journey in another more modern formation that reaches 120 kilometers per hour.

The Patagonian Train has a dining room to have the experience of dining and breakfast on board. The landscape that is changing, while you will taste delicacies of Patagonian cuisine, an anecdote that you will have to tell when you return.

After the meal, and only walking a few steps, they will be in the cinema to recreate themselves from a good film in a fluffy armchair. The exciting experience is included with the cabin and pulman passage.

In addition to catching up with a lot of tracks, the train offers you a record. When the formation crosses the Somuncuraplateau, the lights of the bowling alley that crosses the desert with music on board are lit. A perfect place for meeting, fun and dancing and turn your trip into an immortal night.

There’s something else.

However, if the proposal seems scarce, the Patagonian Train offers you to live an experience of the beginning of the last century, combine with the Rionegrin Trochita. A journey that departs Saturday from Ingeniero Jacobacci and, after traveling 43 kilometers, stops at Aguas del Salado where you can have lunch a Patagonian lamb and return within a few hours . The train runs on steam locomotives of German origin from 1922 and the wagons are entirely made of wood. The route exhibits a winding landscape, in which the column makes an uninterrupted ascent of 200 meters to reach a destination located at 1200 MSNM.

It has a mandatory stop where operators perform a routine technical review. It’s time to ask the guard to make a few stops along the way to take the best images of the folklore/publican-flora-y-fauna-un-compilado-de-la-esce

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