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We leave you the list of requirements in each province to be able to enter as a tourist.


Each province has different protocols to enter. Be attentive if you travel by car do not consider the protocols of the destination but also those of the provinces that you will cross on the route. We leave you a guide with each of the entry requirements that different destinations have, so that you are aware before you start your trip.


Request flights to that province from 25 October.
Anyone who wants to make use of this option is required to obtain the provincial permission proposed in the program called “Volver a Casa” by going to .
Limitations specific to art. 11 of  DNU No. 792/20 . In addition, the time of arrival in the province must respect the established health alarm, which is between 7:00 and 21:00.


Provides compliance and does not report requirements.


It agrees that transport services, both air and land, enter the territory of the province of Córdoba.
 Requirements to board a flight to the province of Córdoba: 
Passengers who intend to use these services must bear the “UNIQUE CERTIFICATE ENABLING FOR MOVEMENT — EMERGENCY COVID-19” and/or the substitute or complementary instrument that the current regulations require.
Download the APP Care and proceed to the correct filling and updating of the data required by it, including the affidavit by COVID 19.


Passengers must apply for entry to the province of Corrientes permission, process online through the website
  Requirements:  reason for the application of the permit, DNI, nu.mere processing of ID, first and last name, date of birth, mail, telephone, negative result for PCR less than 48 hours. In case of not having PCR less than 48 hours. The online payment of a test by the electronic means that the system makes available to the applicant, control that will be carried out at the place of entry.


Passengers must have a Unique Enabling Certificate for Circulation-Emergency COVID19 and download the CIUDAR APP.
Passengers without a residence in JUJUY must have social work that has benefits in this prov or otherwise take out a traveller's insurance

 La Rioja 

Provides compliance for the resumption of air services from 19 October.
Please inform that passengers will be compulsory medical checkup at LA RIOJA Airport at the time of their arrival.
In addition, passengers are requested to be certified PCR or Rapid Antigen Test with negative result less than 72 hours.


It complies with as many frequencies as the logistics arranged in conjunction with the companies allows, and with those who need or intend to travel to the province for any reason.


It promptly requests to authorize the progressive opening of Iguazu Airport, thinking in the future about cabotage tourism within the country.
And if you do not have it, you must perform the rapid test of COVID-19 or PCR at its exclusive expense.
Any person entering the provincial territory must use the established electronic geolocation and self-testing mechanisms.


Restricted flights only for passengers of essential activities; persons undergoing medical treatment, or returnees domiciled in the Province of Neuquén who have as their final destination any of the 7 (seven) locations that register community transmission of COVID-19 in the Province.
-  Requirements for passengers:  They must carry a Traffic Certificate “CARE” for essential activities, and/or record of medical shift, undergo symptom control (temperature) before departure and arrival of the flight. Airlines must present a nominalized list of passengers and crew including contact details; and location of passengers within the flight. Returnees must prove their residence in Neuquén.
- A flight schedule scheme should be sought to avoid overlapping frequencies at arrival and departure; in order to avoid crowding of people at Neuquén City Airport.
- Requirements for passengers: They must carry a Traffic Certificate “CARE” for essential activities, and/or record of medical shift; undergo symptom control (temperature) before departure and arrival of the flight. Airlines must present a nominalized list of passengers and crew, including contact details; and location of passengers within the flight. Returnees must prove their domicile in the Province of Neuquén.

 Rio Negro 

Please inform that passengers must present COVID-19 Negative Certificate made up to 48 hours in advance of the transfers, as well as the temperature of the same must be controlled prior to the promotion to aircraft.
Passengers must also complete a form as an affidavit, which must contain their personal data and information relating to the planned itinerary (Name and surname, ID, contact phone number, place of residence, home address in Río Negro, reason. of the trip, date of return, etc.). For the purpose of reception, this Province will have staff at the Airports. In the same sense, and at the time of entry into the Province, people will be subjected to the examination of vital signs by the health personnel affected by the control operations arranged in different parts of our geography.


To enter the province it is necessary to submit:
- DNI.
- Circulation certificate — coronavirus Covid-19.
- Entry permit for individuals residing in the province of Salta (RUIS). In the case of humanitarian and health income (assistance to the elderly, being in the street where those who need to return, be a swallow worker, returnees from abroad, return after completion of medical treatment in another province, death of a direct relative, serious condition of a relative direct assistance to minors at risk) can be entered with a special permit instead of RUIS.
- An affidavit about the health conditions of the person in whom he certifies to be free of symptoms compatible with COVID-19 and not having had close contact with a positive patient within the last 14 days prior to admission to the Province.

In addition, you need to download the SaltacoVid app or upload your data to the web 

Persons carrying cargo and entering for rest (isolation may be interrupted at the request of the company on day 7), residents of zones 1 and 2 and health and humanitarian income (except in difficulty or urgency) are allowed to enter and must comply with 14 days of isolation at home.
No isolation at home is required for persons considered essential, those who enter for any activity, those who carry loads (employment income or those who enter to rest in zones 3 and 4).
Anyone who has positive IgG is exempt from isolating entry into the province with effect for ninety days.

 St. John's 

The negative PCR certificate of less than 72 hours is required for entry into the province, except those under 6 years of age who are not required to present such a certificate.
In addition, it is required to exhibit UNIQUE ENABLING CERTIFICATE FOR CIRCULATION-EMERGENCY COVID19 or possess the CIUDAR APP.
Strictly comply with the provisions of PROVINCIAL PROTOCOL COVID19 according to the type of transport used.
In addition, the resumption of the services between SAN JUAN and BUENOS AIRES provided by AEROLINEAS ARGENTINAS SA is requested in accordance with the programming carried out by the same company.

 St. Louis 

Compliance is provided for essential personnel and health reasons.
For passengers who entry/exit from the province will be indispensable, carry with the authorization of entry/exit managed through which must be accredited and visa prior to boarding by authorized personnel.
It is an inexcusable obligation of the carrier providing the transport service to verify strict compliance with this protocol, before each passenger's boarding, in case of non-compliance, shall be liable for any damages that may result, and the passenger must also return to the place of origin and assuming all costs and costs involved.
Authorization is requested to allow the presence of a person from our jurisdiction (human resource provided by the Province) in order to monitor the requirements established in the protocol, prior to the passenger's boarding, being indispensable to carry out the corresponding control.

 Santa Cruz 

ANAC authorized the entry of two weekly frequencies to Río Gallegos and El Calafate in November, as recommended by the Ministry of Health in the province of Santa Cruz.

These frequencies are subject to authorization through provincial application and the ability to ensure the control and isolation of passengers for 14 days in a hotel or isolation device certified by the Emergency Operational Committee (COE) of each locality.

 Prior to the transfer to the province passengers must have: 
- Single Certificate of National Movement COVID-19.
- Provincial permit issued in — National Air and Land Public Transport.
- Affidavit of movement and permanence of the Ministry of Health 

The province does not require a negative PCR prior to transfer.

 Santa Fe 

Based on epidemiological criteria, potential risk factors for contagion and in accordance with Article 2 of Resolution 221 of the Ministry of Transport of the Nation, the following conditions and requirements were determined by each passenger:
1- It is authorized to travel to the Province of Santa Fe a Essential personnel and persons required to carry out medical treatment.
2- Submit Unique Enabling Certificate for Circulation - Emergency COVID-19.
3- Exhibit DD JJ on health status (DJES) of the App of the Province of Santa Fe and information on the interprovincial trip.
4- The essential staff or persons who must perform medical treatments, may enter the territory of the province for 72 Hs. They will be exempted from quarantine, but they will not be able to socialize. It is expressly clarified that in the event that the stay is prolonged for more than 72 hours, and prior to the restart of their activity, they must complete a quarantine of 14 days.
5- Any non-excepted, non-essential resident person who is in another province or another country is authorized to travel and wishes to return to his place of residence. The same must carry out mandatory quarantine.
The Executive Branch of the Province announces that it will maintain the evaluation of the activity based on the epidemiological criteria determined by the health authorities and the potential risk factors for contagion that it entails.

 Santiago del Estero 

Conformity is provided for persons who are authorized by art. 11 of  DNU No 792/20 .
A specific Protocol shall be established to be implemented by the bodies responsible for coordinating the transfers, informing them all the operational part and the specific requirements for each undertaking wishing to carry out such transfers, as well as all necessary documentation and requirements that users of the service must have.
Passengers must report on a mandatory basis to request their ticket with DNI and negative swab up to 72 hours previously endorsed by SIISA (Integrated System of Health Information Argentina).
Upon entry to the province will be carried out a control to passengers temperature and smell, rapid diagnostic test, DDJJ that must sign and have downloaded on your mobile phone the provincial CUIDAR SE application for the monitoring of passengers who have moved.

 Tierra del Fuego 

As of November 1, the province requires a record of negative PCR in advance of no more than 72 hours or positive IgG up to 30 days prior to the flight.


Passengers arriving at Benjamín Matienzo airport must:
1- Submit the National Traffic Certificate (CUIDAR)
2- Affidavit for the purpose of traceability of the movement of arriving passengers.
3- Upon arrival, clinical studies will be carried out on parameters linked to symptoms compatible with COVID-19.

For more information, check out the  official government website , where entry requirements and restrictions by province were published.

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Publication Date: 07/11/2020

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