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Places in Argentina to know

We offer you a series of tourist options so that you have more alternatives on your next holiday.

Lugares de Argentina para conocer

Argentina has places where nature is pure, breathtaking, pristine. Scenarios that look like another planet, five World Natural Heritage sites, one of the New Seven Natural Wonders of the World, National Parks and all kinds of landscapes imaginable, from rivers, jungles, waterfalls and lagoons to wetlands, forests, mountain ranges, glaciers and deserts. Destinations where tourists arrive to connect with another side, far from big cities. Here are 22 experiences to get to know in depth the best landscapes of each place.

Extreme activities in northern Argentina

Places in Argentina to know

 Jujuy en Bici  offers a three-day trip through the most notable points of the Quebrada de Humahuaca. Two local guides offer to take a different route to enter different villages with indigenous and Creole heritage.

For its part, Salta offers a hike through the Cuesta del Obispo called  Caminando en las Nubes  because its route reaches the top of Cerro Torreón at 3100 meters above sea level, as well as visiting archaeological sites and observing flora and fauna wildlife.

Tucuman offers a stroll through streams, cardons and yungas landscapes with a horseback ride through the mountains and their local communities. Catamarca also brings us closer to the extraordinary landscape completely shaped by volcanic emissions thousands of years ago on an interpretive hike and photographic safari through the  Pumice Stone Field . And when it comes to the top, the essential thing is a 4 × 4 expedition to the crater of Corona del Inca volcano in La Rioja. The tour lasts three days, where you will also visit Laguna Brava and Quebrada de la Troya.

What to do in the Litoral

Places in Argentina to know

Formosa has another must-see experience knowing its extensive wetland with as much history as beautiful birds and wildlife to meet on the canoe ride on  Bañado La Estrella. 

The essential thing:  to enjoy the starry sky and know the behavior of birds, the proposal is a night walk in the Impenetrable Chaqueño. In Corrientes, a horseback ride through the Iberá Esteros leads us to the knowledge of the Carlos Pellegrini colony and to enter a region of estuos and palm groves. Then spend the night in an inn in the style of an old cortijo Correntino, to enjoy the typical gastronomy and the panoramic view from the pier de los Esteros del Iberá.

Among the experiences on the Litoral, something completely different in the jungle is to move in  Stand Up Paddle along the streams  and the Uruguay River in El Soberbio. It seems tempting to combine it with hiking, kayaking or cycling and camping in the Yaboty Biosphere Reserve and Don Otto Reserve in El Dorado.

Entre Ríos opens a private reserve,  Aurora del Palmar Wildlife Refuge , where there are ecotourism activities, photographic safari, kayaking, horseback riding, bird watching and night excursions -in addition, there are suitable wagons as lodging-, for next to El Palmar National Park.

Finally, in the northeast of Santa Fe,  Jaaukanigás  has an ecotourism experience that includes canoeing and kayaking to know this  wetland  portal and RAMSAR site, and watching birds, alligators, monkeys, among other species and discover nature and life by the river

Patagonia Argentina

Places in Argentina to know

Other amazing experiences come from Patagonia. The coast of Las Grutas in Rio Negro has as a novelty the  underwater park  for diving within boats that are located under the waters of the Gulf of San Matías. Looking for the treasures of the  Patagonian Blue Sea , an outstanding international visit to Chubut is whale watching, accessible and sustainable from Puerto Pirámides.

And for those who want to be fishermen for a day,  Puerto Almanza , an authentic village of Tierra del Fuego, offers to sail in gomons on the Beagle Channel for fishing, which can then be taste. during a gourmet meal.

In addition, a kayak expedition along the Colorado River and a  trekking tour in Payunia Pampeana , an adventure that can last from 10 to 12 days or short trips of 3 days. Here you visit the  Cavern of Halada , a 250 m long lava tunnel. Cerro Negro, volcano of 5 million years at 1180 meters above sea level, the highest peak in La Pampa and access to the rock paintings of Piedras Coloradas. Finally, a walking tour in the  Patagonia National Park  in Santa Cruz, with bird watching and visit the Cueva de las Manos, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Holidays in Cuyo

Places in Argentina to know

The Cuyo region has many proposals for adventure in the mountain, within the framework of the Andes Mountains. In Portezuelo del Viento, Mendoza, the  Snowshoeing Walk  is unmissable at an exit that takes place from Las Cuevas, a small Authentic Village located very close to the border with Chile.

Also in the High Andes of San Juan, an expedition takes us to a combination of 4×4, trekking and observation of flora and fauna in the San Guillermo National Park. In San Luis the natural experience is  Hiking in the Sierra de las Quijadas National Park , where you are going to trekking on trails, viewpoints, archaeological and paleontological sites.

What to do in Cordoba

Places in Argentina to know

Cordoba also follows this modality of combining mountain bike circuits —MTB-, and the  Rio Pinto Challenge stands out as an experience. The journey lasts two days and recreates the most important MTB competition in South America, linking La Cumbre and San Marcos Sierra back and forth. Another experience is a  Trekking with Yoga  that combines different circuits through the charming Traslasierra Valley.

Holidays in Buenos Aires

Places in Argentina to know

The Buenos Aires region proposes adventure in mountains and plains. Tandil offers to do it in a playful way and from the heights. The  Air Park  offers circuits of varying difficulty with suspension bridges, zip lines and 9 meters climbing palestra.

The Autonomous City of Buenos Aires has a proposal for urban cycling, to visit the city's parks, the  Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve  and combine it with tours to emblematic places that combine history and architecture of the City.

In Argentina's enormous diversity of proposals, each of these undertakings has as premise the development of the activity for the enjoyment of our natural areas, reserves, parks and their protected species, in tune with the sustainability of the resource and the care of the environment.

Source Ministry of Tourism and Sport of Argentina

Publication Date: 26/12/2020

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