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Photo tour of the Argentine North: second part

After passing through Tafí del Valle and Cafayate, Jujuy is the next destination. The Quebrada de Humahuaca, through photos. The Argentine North falls in love.


The journey of the photographic tour of the  Argentine North  continues. I traveled the more than six hours from  Cafayate  to  Tilcara,  which is where I made base in La Quebrada. The route lends itself to enjoy the RN 68, is the one that takes from Cafayate to the city of Salta, then take the RN 9 that left me in Jujuy. From  San Salvador de  Jujuy   to Tilcara there are only two hours, that's where I decided to stay as  Tilcara  is in equidistant from   Purmamarca  and  Humahuaca  , both within 20 minutes each.

Tilcara is the most populated of the three and where more options to stay and services there are. For some time many tourists who were passing fell in love with its streets and its tranquility and decided to stay and live. To get to know Tilcara I recommend you to walk it, especially in neighborhoods where locals live, there you can really know the city. The landscape is intact and dreamy, and you can almost feel the old energy around you wherever you go.

 Purmamarca: always cute  

This  place  does not lose its charm with its square, located in the middle of the city, and its people with a face tanned by the northern sun put color and excitement to the trip. They, jujeños, will always have a very good disposition to tell you about the singularities of their places surrounded by arid mountains and peculiar colors. I recommend that you go at lunchtime where, any gastronomic venue, will offer you a lot of  traditional dishes , such as goat meat casserole, quinoa risotto and many more.

 Humahuaca: the charm of the Hornocal 

After the Quebrada the tourist jewel of Humahuaca and del Norte has a name: it is called   Serranías del Hornocal  , and is more than 4200 meters above sea level. It is accessed by a winding road so even if you have a car, I recommend doing it on excursion to enjoy the trip (these have a relatively economical value). They will also explain the steps to prevent height is a problem and be able to enjoy this hill that has more than 14 colors. From the hill, you can admire the Hornocal and take some stunning photos of this spectacular site. Many locals rely on the medicinal properties of coca leaves to help them with altitude sickness. Andean peoples have been cultivating and using the leaf for centuries to treat it and as a component of their religious ceremonies.

 Data of interest 

You can reach Tilcara, if you don't have your own car, buses leaving from the cities of Jujuy or Salta. In some cases the frequencies are hourly.

The distances from Tilcara are to San Salvador de Jujuy 85 kilometers, Purmamarca 26, Humahuaca 45 and Salta 202 kilometers.

Tilcara presents different celebrations, from January to the carnivals where the Tilcarean nights propose to enjoy clubs with live folk music. Another ideal time to visit it is during Easter and also in August that the Pachamama is worshipped.

 We suggest you continue reading the following notes: 

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Publication Date: 17/06/2020

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