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Pampa de Pocho: a hidden destination in Córdoba

We invite you to discover this small town of Cordoba that has much to surprise.
Te invitamos a que conozcas esta pequeña localidad cordobesa que tiene mucho para sorprender.
02 June, 2019

Very close to (), there is a site very little spread, but really worth knowing:Pampa de Pocho. There we can find a stunning mountain range of volcanoes with diverse shapes, caranday palm forests, a 180 metre waterfall, a lagoon with healing salt waters and Jesuit ruins.

It is a plain framed by three mountainranges: the Sierras Grandes, the Sierras de Pocho and the Cordón de Volcanes, which constitute the Camino de los Tunnels, a road engineering work excavated in the mountains in 1930 leading to La Rioja. In addition, it has a saltwater lagoon with healing properties and along the circuit there are caranday palm forests and a 180-metre waterfall.

A hidden destination that not everyone knows, but that surprises those who dare to deviate from the usual paths.

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