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Noah’s Ark

Fortunately, there are still small spaces where it was possible to stop the predation of the ecosystem before it was
Santiago del Estero
16 May, 2018

For centuries, man has shattered what naturehas given him without caring for the consequences. Thus, we lost unique specimens of our ecosystems, some of which we will never be able to recover. Fortunately, there are still small spaces where it was possible to stop predation before it was too late. The Copo National Parkin Santiago del Esterois a sign of this.

Located in Pampa de los Guanacos, in the very heart of the Impenetrable, Copo National Parkis one of the few places in the country where endangered speciescoexist, such as the yaguareté, the tatú carreta, the chimilero pig, the big anteater bear , the crowned eagle and the boa of the vizcacheras, among other endangered species of the native fauna.


turn, it is one of the last strongholds of the quebrachalthat survived the fierce exploitation that took place in the rest of the province during the 20th century, thanks to less accessibility to the railway. In addition to the quebracho colorado, these forests comprise other trees, such as quebracho blanco, itin, guayacan, mistol and yuchan (palo borracho).

The Copo National Parkis one of the most isolated protected areas in the country and does not have the usual infrastructure for visitors. That’s why knowing it is reserved for nature and adventure lovers, as it is possible campingin an area reserved for that purpose, requesting prior authorization from the park rangers. Another alternative is to stay in nearby towns, such as Pampa de los Guanacos — where there is lodging, food house, catering, service station and first aid room — or Los Pirpintos, 27 km away, with a similar offer.

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