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Villa Traful, Neuquino natural paradise

Get to know this Neuquino paradise and its many leisure options.

villa traful

Located on the shores of   Lake  Traful , this villa was born around 1937 with the purpose of  offering tourist infrastructure.   Because the properties are within a National Park, there are strict  provisions that residents must comply with in order  to protect the environment and preserve the wilderness of the area. Goal that has been achieved, since  in Traful you breathe nature .

To access the villa there are two ways. If you travel along National Route No. 237 (towards  Bariloche ) at Confluencia (Traful and Limay rivers), take the right along Provincial Route No. 65. After about 35 kilometers of touring the valley of the Traful River, the visitor up to the village.

The other way is from the  Seven Lakes Route ( RN No. 234). If you travel on this route from south to north (departing from  Villa La Angostura)  about 40 kilometers you can see on the right the bifurcation of Provincial Route No. 65. Through this route, crossing  dense forests and beautiful landscapes , you will reach Villa Traful after about 20 kilometers. This access route is difficult in winter, but it is a good option in summer.

villa traful

Traful is a beautiful and quiet,  sparsely populated  villa (not exceeding  500 permanent inhabitants  ) with stone and wood houses scattered down the hillside. Near the pier is the service sector with park ranger's house, police, first aid room, service station, mail and various warehouses.

The area, apart from the large tourist flows, is one of the last enclaves where  nature remains unspoilt . The villa is immersed in beautiful, lush and unaltered  native forests  that offer the spectacle of the magnificence of the Patagonian Andes, which is also observed on the path.

Known nationally and internationally for its  icticultural richness , this area has been strong in  fishing due, among other causes, to the planting of enclosed salmon introduced from the US. (Psalm salar Sebago). January is usually the month of the largest  influx of fishermen , therefore it is recommended to make reservations to secure the accommodation.

 Hikes and horseback riding can also be done. There are inns and cabins of different levels and  very good organized or free campsites  for those who prefer to live in nature.

 The lake 

The 70 square kilometers of surface, lie to this lake on a  valley of glacial origin that runs from east to west.  It is elongated and its coasts have great variations: in some areas they are  cliffs (including those of the viewpoint) and a few kilometers away are  beautiful beaches where you can enjoy the fresh waters or camp. The lake is completely surrounded by imposing  peaks that are usually snowy and lush forests.   The coasts have countless places for fishing with the fly-casting mode or you can also  fish  from boats. Also, travelling from the Seven Lakes Road, you can access  Pichi Traful Lake . This is an elongated arm of the Traful, located north.

Connecting Traful and La Angostura

One of the most sought after walks by the most intrepid travelers is that of the  Catarata stream . Starting at about 9 kilometers from the villa on the banks of the stream that flows into the lake, you can make a trekking of approximately 24 hours, as to complete it you need to sleep on the mountain. The first day is 14 km to the camping area, called  “Tapera de Lagos”  (in honor of a founding family of Traful). The estimate is 6 or 7 hours of  quiet walk , stopping sometimes (to take pictures, drink water, eat or rest for a moment) but in fact it can be done in less. On the second day the stage is 12 km and the average time is around 5 hours until you reach the base of  Cerro Bayo , from where you can easily access  La Angostura.  



Publication Date: 08/04/2021

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