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Two gems you should know in Neuquén

Nice places in Argentina if there are these that we will introduce you. Scheduling them for your 2021 vacation.

Dos gemas que debes conocer en Neuquén

 Northwest Neuquino  and the so-called Ruta de los Arreos find some gems that you have to schedule for your next holiday in Argentina. Places loaded with particular natural and cultural attractions


Two gems you should know in Neuquén

Andacollo is the second most important city in northwestern Neuquino, is surrounded by valleys, mountains and hills. The first settlers settled there in search of gold. Today, livestock farming, forestry (forest or forest cultivation), tourism and agriculture are the main activities. The little boy from northern Neuquén is the product of the  Designation of Origin  (D.O.), and transhumance is the method of breeding their ancestors: cattle are moved to grazing areas in summer. Animal grazing during summer holidays is an activity that arouses great interest among tourists. In the city you can visit places that tell its history such as the City Museum with elements used by the first settlers.

The Chapel of  Our Lady of the Rosary of Andacollo , made in adobe and boulders; and the amphitheatre, an ancient dam that is now a tourist city. The hills such as Huaraco or Centinela that are located in the city can be visited on foot or by bike. Huaraco waterfall is ideal for trekking. You can also observe flora and fauna or have a beautiful view of the city from the Mirador De la Repetidora and Cerro La Cruz. On the way to Huinganco, on the banks of the Neuquén River, is the historic El Minero bar, an ancient adobe construction that worked for more than half a century and contains many of the stories of the first settlers looking for gold.


It is the gateway to the  protected natural area of the Domuyo System , created to preserve the magnificent thermal waters of the mountain system and its types of flora and fauna. Trekking, mountain biking, horseback riding and bird watching are some of the activities that are done in the area. The city offers a privileged panoramic view of the meeting of the Neuquén and Varvarco rivers in completely different colours, which converge and create a landscape with unique contrasts. Mountaineering lovers can climb to the highest peak in Patagonia, Cerro Domuyo (4709 meters above sea level), accompanied by a mountain guide with the right equipment. Far from the city is the  Colomichicó rock art park  with more than 600 stones with pre-Hispanic engravings. From the city it is essential to visit Los Tachos, where geysers from the  Covunco Stream  emit water and steam at about 90° C from a height of more than one meter.

Two gems you should know in Neuquén

 Other attractions and activities 

The Bolillos

This is an impressive geological formation among the brooches of the trip, with almost conical columnar figures shaped by wind and rain.

Villa Aguas Calientes

Surrounded by streams of volcanic water derived from the Domuyo system, it allows travelers to restore energies by immersing themselves in pure, crystalline, mineralized and warm water. Also do fishing if you wish.

Bird watching

Those looking for unlimited birdwatching sites are the  Lagunas de Epulauquen Natural Protected Area , Tromen Provincial Park and the lagoon area or Chos Malal wetland, among others.

Colomichico Archaeological Park

Two gems you should know in Neuquén

It is a rock art site with about 2800 petroglyphs, over more than 800 blocks, whose antiquity is not yet determined, but testify to human expression in the prehistoric era.

Popular festivals

The localities of northern Neuquino are very traditional communities, where there are large numbers of rural uses and habits. Highlights are the culture of transhumance that is reflected in the animal stowing along the routes and roads in the area between October and November or between March and April. They also discover a lot of popular festivals, rural and religious tourism.

Source Ministry of Tourism of Neuquen

Publication Date: 02/10/2020

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