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Trekking in Lanín National Park

We tell you what are the best places to go trekking in the Lanín National Park.

The practice of  trekking , an English word that comes from Trek, a word that was born in the eighties, and originated by mountaineers traveling to the Himalayas or to the Andes. By this word they referred to the long walks that brought them closer to the bases of the mountains they planned to ascend. When we do trekking we have varying degrees of difficulty to consider. In this way we can choose routes for beginners, or routes that require more effort and experience. Hiking, meanwhile, is a relaxing activity that involves going along signposted paths using the traditional communication system such as bridges, trails, trails. The spirit of hiking lies in being able to bring people closer to the natural environment, know heritage and reserves through the use of trails.


Both activities are ideal to do in the  sunny and warm months in the Neuquén mountain range  are ideal for long walks, although always  taking some precautions and care so that the experience does not leave a bitter taste.

Not only do you have to wear suitable clothing and equipment for the mountain and this practice, but you have  to advise yourself very well on the terrain and map  of the chosen place so as not to suffer any setbacks.

 The Lanin Trails 

 Lanín National Park  has many attractions, but one of the main is its  forests  . There are many trails that cross these forests and have been used for centuries by the villagers and for some years by tourists.

Low-difficulty and short walks (no more than four hours, round trip) are signposted. Among the most representative are excursions to  El Saltillo Waterfall, Las Corinas Lagoon, Chachín Waterfall and Queñi Thermal Baths .


They are generally well maintained trails that  leave trails or camping areas where it is possible to leave the car . Although they do not require special equipment, it is convenient to wear good footwear, which protects the ankles, and a small backpack.


For hikers with greater pretentiousness there is a  variety of circuits lasting one or several days . The degree of difficulty of these crossings is variable. They may include river crossing or mountain cords and overnight in a tent or shelters. When you do not have enough knowledge and previous experience in the practice of trekking,  you should hire a guide enabled by the Park .


The most recognized of these long-lasting trails is the one that goes  from Puerto Arturo to Laguna Verde . It is  three days of march  in which, among other things, we will have to pass stretches of waterlogged terrain where mud usually reaches our ankles and ascend to a portezuelo very close to the top of the  Achen Ñiyeu volcano  . Then you have to border its river of lava and scum to the  Green Lagoon , located in a natural environment of particular beauty.


Another trail of similar demand in terms of the unevenness of the terrain is the one that joins the agos Quillén and Ruca Choroy , to the north of the Park. This excursion takes place in one day, so it is somewhat demanding. But both the  pehuenes forest  and the breathtaking views from the Rucachoroy cord justify climbing widely.


Among the trekking tours, the most emblematic is the one that goes from  Lake Escondido  to  Pucará  . Virtually the entire journey follows abandoned roads and even passes through the old sawmill of  Ruca Ñire . A trail also very busy joins these points coinciding in some sections with  old forest roads  and passing through the site where a sawmill operated in the middle of the forest, from which the steam engine that generated the energy for the mountains is preserved.


The options are varied and the constant is always the same:  virgin forests, poorly traveled trails  and a natural environment where the  impact of man is almost zero.  


It is very important  to go to the park rangers before starting any hike , so that they report on the condition of the trails, which naturally changes from year to year; and in some cases  it is obliged to register before starting the march . Respecting the directions, camping, making fire and leaving the garbage where appropriate, is the necessary  contribution that corresponds to us so that the forest and the trails of Neuquén remain the same , before and after our passage.



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