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If when it comes to tourism you are one of those who prefer hidden jewels, this note is for you.

When it comes to tourism, there are those who opt for classic destinations and those who prefer to discover hidden jewels (of which our country is full). If you belong to the second group, today we would like to leave you a piece of information that you will thank us for: we present you Aluminé, in Neuquén, a mountain village that offers everything you need to enjoy and disconnect. If you want to know more about this beautiful province, beyond San Martín de los Andes or Villa La Angostura, Aluminé is the place you are looking for. Located on the west bank of the river of the same name, this town offers excellent options in hotels, gastronomy and outdoor activities. Here nature is the absolute star: in a frame of araucaria araucana forests, the environment invites the practice of different activities: wildlife watching, paragliding, hang gliding, 4x4, horseback riding and trekking, among others. Its rivers and lakes allow the practice of sport fishing for perch and trout and various water sports, such as kayaking, rafting and canoeing. Navigable all year round, the Aluminé River hosts the Argentine Kayaking Championship and the Tourist Rafting Championship. As you can see, Aluminé is full of options to stay active or just relax admiring an unparalleled environment. You have the information, then tell us how you are doing.

Publication Date: 08/12/2018

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