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Get to know the 3 places in Neuquén where fishing is best

Since 1 November, permits were issued with protocols for fishing throughout the province of Neuquén

Pesca Neuquén

Neuquén is known for its beautiful landscapes and colors. Lakes, mountains and rivers are worth appreciating in any season. In addition to the simple “sit and watch” activity, the Neuquén landscapes invite you to go hiking, running, mountain biking and (like almost anywhere with water)  Neuquén invites you to  fish .  With fly, spoon, tarrito, nets or even with hands, this  ancient activity is typical of those who love nature  . By sport, by economy, by recreation or by the simple taste of eating a  fish ,  fishing is among the activities to be highlighted in the province.

On  Sunday, November 1, the 2020/21 fishing season was inaugurated throughout the province,  but the qualification was an achievement. On Thursday 28, there was a  demonstration of guides and fishermen  who asked for it to be enabled at once. They also called for the establishment of a dialogue table with the government, an issue that was more than achieved. A number of  basic protocols  were established by resolution 070/20, although they could be made more flexible in accordance with the pandemic situation.

The Neuquén fishermen reached the height of their patience, but  they can already enjoy their wonderful portions of water , at least until May 1, 2021. We tell you  which are the 3 most imposing and effective landscapes when it comes to “throwing the cane” .

 Chimehuin River 

 The Chimehuin River can be divided into three parts, all more than suitable for walking and throwing the reed:  the first runs from its springs and the so-called Devil's Garganta in Lake Huechulafquen to the Regiment of  Junin de los Andes . The second from there to the so-called Manzano Curva, and the third the final stretch from this last point to the confluence with the Collón Curá River. The river is rather narrow, which makes it an  ideal place for any type of fishing . No less fact: They say that  Roger Waters, a fan of this sport, went on these sides on one of his visits to the country. 

 Arm Rincón (Lake Nahuel Huapi) 

 One of the arms of Lake Nahuel Huapi , is located on the western perimeter of the extreme near Chile. There, fishermen can enjoy a paradise landscape. Located 7 kilometers from the town of  Villa la Angostura , the place is i deal to go with family, due to its wide beaches . Attention: Being a wide arm,  it is always recommended to use fly fishing. 

 Chos Malal (Neuquén River) 

With a length of approximately 400 kilometres,  the Neuquén River is one of the two most important rivers in the province.  Next to the other, the Limay, form the confluence of the Rio Negro, but it is not advisable to fish in its entirety:  On the coast of Neuquén there are many localities and poachers  , so trout do not abound. Now,  if a fisherman wants to get a good copy of this course, he will have to go up ... and up there is Chos Malal. The town is the largest in the provincial north and is located on the border between the precordillera and the mountain range.  Fish here will abound for the one who has a good hand, or just luck. 

Publication Date: 10/11/2020

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By: El Xeneize 29 December, 2020

A pescar señores!!

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By: Juan Gabriel López 02 February, 2021

En respuesta a El Xeneize

Mucha suerte con esa sacada de truchas

By: El Xeneize 03 February, 2021

En respuesta a Juan Gabriel López


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