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Copahue, to visit him before the snow covers him

The environment of this village, in a natural amphitheatre formed by the mountain range, is breathtaking.
Copahue, a visitarlo antes de que la nieve lo tape
19 December, 2019

Copahue, in the province of Neuquén, is very popular, mainly among Argentinevisitors, as evidenced by the growth of tourism infrastructure. The village focuses on the large and modern Copahue Thermal Baths, which offer a wide range of curative bathprograms.

The thermal complex rests on one of the slopes of the volcano of the same name, in the heart of the Andes Mountains. Only open from December to April, this summer villa is 376 km from Neuquen Airport. From there it is accessed by routes in perfect state of conservation. Being located at 2000 MSNM means that when the snow starts, Copahue disappears.

Healing waters, unique in the world

It is an ideal place for rest, well-beingand full contact with nature. In the villa the hours seem to pass at a different pace, slow and tiring. To enjoy the hot springs and know the place it is advisable to stay at least 5 nights. However, there are people who arrive there, with the prescription of a treatment, and are 8 to 10 days. Its waters, vapors and mud are considered unique in the world, by the Ibero-American Congress of Peloids (sludge) held this year in the province.

The thermal complex offers 4 types of thermal resources in independent spaces. The green lagoon, which takes its name for the microscopic suspended algae that it possesses. It is a water recommended for skin diseasessuch as acne, psoriasis. The other pileton contains sulphurous waters, it is easily identifiable because it emits the most vapour due to the temperature of its waters close to 80°C. For this reason it is not suitable for diving. After passing cooling towers it arrives through pipes to immersion bathtubs and hot tubs, it is recommended to calm contractures and reduce muscle aches . The one that draws the attention of the visitor is the so-called Laguna del Chancho because its waters are greyish, where people enjoy the heat and mud. It has a high amount of iron which stimulates cellular metabolism accelerating healing, mud is also recommended in rheumatic conditions .

Another resource is the vapors of the Copahue volcano, which are used in saunas, recommended for respiratory conditions. At this point it is good to clarify that everything is done under the strict control of doctors and kinesiologists present in the premises

Besides the hot springs, what?

The use of the hot springs is for short periods of time and no more than three times a day, which gives the possibility to enjoy the fantastic natural environment. At 18km from the thermal center is a waterfall known as the Salto del Agrio. The collapse is about 60 meters to a circular lagoon that uncovers an indescribable moment in the visitor. The ideal is to go in the morning because the

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