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Agritourism in Neuquén: why they choose it so much

The province of Neuquén presents a varied offer of this type of tourism focused on authentic campera culture.

Today, those of us who live in the big metropolis have a need, when it comes to rest we seek the peace that nature gives. Perhaps the genetics of our ancestors drives us to go after different ways of spending the days. Moments when the family is the fundamental axis of the day. Those where the connection of each of its members is achieved with artisanal activities or until that time sublime is to enjoy a homemade gastronomy. All that set of things at times is essential and each of us must take it seriously to improve our quality of existence. Stop the ball, as we said in the neighborhood, take the time to breathe or just to enjoy leisure and technological disconnection.


  Rural tourism   allows all that. It connects us with country life, experiencing its customs, enjoying the environment and, above all, the hospitality and simplicity of the people of rural areas. Much of these places complement the stay with recreational and sports activities. This tourist feature takes two variants in Neuquén, the   Agritourism and Tourism of Estancias   .


There are farms throughout the province dedicated to the production of vegetables, fruits, farming animals. There are others that incorporate into their lands different food elaborations such as sweets, canned fruits, cheeses and sausages, to name the most common ones.

Route of the Neuquinas farms

Neuquén's Ministry of Tourism created the so-called   Route of the Chakras Neuquinas   a visit to know how the rural worker lives, how he performs his activities with fruit trees, or in the planting and harvesting of certain vegetables. And more specific ones that are only given in certain places such as frost protection, thinning and pruning. In those with mixed production it is incorporated to understand how animals are fed up to how sausages are made.

The tourist offer allows the visitor to actively participate in the work in organic garden, which knows how to collect fruits. Even know how to make certain typical dishes, then taste them, of course. And in the middle of all that, do interpreting trekking.


This tourist route links provincial towns where rural production is a prominent feature. They are San Patricio del Chañar, Vista Alegre, Centennial, Plottier, and Senillosa.

Tourist Stays

The other option,   Tourism of Stays   , provides the possibility of getting to know agricultural and forestry activities that develop in wider natural environments, we talk about thousands of hectares. In some cases the field, of pastoral use, is intermingled with the native forest. They are also located throughout the province in paradisiacal places ranging from the Andes Mountains, the precordillera, its rivers and streams, to the Patagonian steppe.

In all the rooms the activities are, by capital volume, since they are also raised sheep, cattle and equine cattle. They are offered, according to the times of the year, to participate in shearing, milking and erring. Some have hunting grounds and salmonid sport fishing options. Due to the size of its fields, activities such as bird watching, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking and rafting can also be done.

Photo credit: Ministry of Tourism of Neuquén

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