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A snow park in Villa Pehuenia

In this Neuquina villa there is a unique snow park in South America.

En el edificio de la confitería se encuentra un local de venta de artesanías confeccionadas por los integrantes de la comunidad.

This small and picturesque village, located just 14 kilometres from the Chilean border, in the province of Neuquén is surrounded by the majestic Andes Mountains. It is located on the banks of the northern bank of Lake Aluminé, with hills upholstered in Pehuén.

villa pehuenia

 Villa Pehuenia , located 320 kilometers from the city of Neuquina and 68 from the town of Aluminé, has a wealth, in terms of tourist resources, inexhaustible. Gradually the city is becoming an unsurpassed place for peace and nature lovers in a mountain habitat.

A snow park in Villa Pehuenia

From Villa Pehuenia you can follow the entire Pehuenia Route, where centuries-old pehuenes, Antarctic beeches, lengas and coihues form dense vegetation between mountains, lakes and streams. Which makes the crossing an earthly paradise for tourists to enjoy their stay at full. You can also admire the amazing Cerro Belle Durmiente or the incredible petroglyphs from the Piedra Pintada viewpoint.

A snow park in Villa Pehuenia

The grandiose of nature is exploited by a slow development of tourist services infrastructure, turns this mountain village into a place that promises endless possibilities. They range from water sports or boat rides along the rivers Aluminé, Ñorquinco, Moquehue and Pulmarí, or sport fishing in the Lakes Aluminé, Litrán and Nompehuén, among others, to horseback riding, climbing, big game or trekking trips through trails greens that rise and fall between hills and forests of centenary pehuenes.

Snow Park Batea Mahuida

The hill Batea Mahuida, a place that squanders postcards at every step, especially at the top, among pehuenes that dominate the landscape, and from which you can see the Moquehue and Aluminé lakes.

A snow park in Villa Pehuenia

The natural wealth of this snow park located 370 kilometres from Neuquén Airport is linked to the history and culture of the Mapuche Puel community. Since the Batea Mahuida volcano was extinguished and a lagoon was created in its crater, the Mapuches settled around it.

A snow park in Villa Pehuenia

At its top the river Bío is born and you can see the Icalma volcano, on the side of Chile. A fossil forest of pehuenes and cave prints of archaeological and cultural interest is adjacent to the complex. The Batea Mahuida in winter is filled with snow, which allowed its development as a park and promising entrepreneurship of the Puel community.

A snow park in Villa Pehuenia

At the base of the hill is the confectionery restaurant of the park. There you can savor delicious regional dishes, minutes, fried cakes, hot chocolate, coffee and many delights to recharge your energy. In this place there is a local sales of handicrafts made by members of the Mapuche community.

A snow park in Villa Pehuenia

In addition to breakfast and snack, you can also have lunch as it offers the traditional dish of the day and minutes (milanesas, side dishes, pastas, etc.), empanadas, pizzas and drinks. The confectionery offers a very spacious and comfortable heated place with incredible views of the slopes and the Batea Mahuida volcano.

Puel Community

In the confectionery building there is a place selling handicrafts made by the members of the community.

This snow park is the only one in South America served by a community of native peoples. Mapuche instructors teach the art of sliding on two skis on the slopes they have been preparing since 2000. This initiative gave work to many young people in the community, enthusiastic about transforming Batea Mahuida into a year-round recreational resort.

How to get there

How to get to Batea Mahuida

From the city of Neuquén, 370 km away, take the RN 22 to the city of Zapala. In this town you can take the RP 13 by Primeros Pinos in the direction of Villa Pehuenia. From there are 118 km, 50 by paved road and the rest by consolidated gravel.

From Zapala by RP 46, passing through the Laguna Blanca National Park towards the town of Aluminé, 121 km from this point is 63 km until you reach Villa Pehuenia, always bordering the Aluminé River. To reach the hill you must travel 8 kilometers along the same route until you find the access road to Batea Mahuida.

Source: Puel Community

Publication Date: 10/06/2021

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