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A paradise in Neuquén Norte

The surroundings of this Mountain Lodge are a natural paradise with a great diversity of birds and a prolific wildlife.

estancia Chochoy Mallin

Andacollo, integrates the so-called Corredor Neuquén Norte along with the rest of the localities of the region such as Chos Malal, Varvarco, Las Ovejas, Manzano Amargo, Huinganco. They say that the etymology of the word comes from Quechua and means “bright on top”, but the Incas never passed further south of Mendoza. It appears that a settlement of Chilean miners who came there looking for copper gave it that name.

The truth is that, regardless of etymology, the place where this lodge is located is unique. A stage for adventure. Throughout the area, rivers and streams of water so transparent that it seems non-existent Neuquén, Nahueve and Lileo are the names of the channels that will give fishermen the best salmonids.

what to do in the north neuquino

For those looking for an exclusive and luxury place just 40 kilometers from Andacollo, 15,000 hectares of the Chochoy Mallin estancia are deployed on RP 6, next to one of the banks of the river Reñi Leuvú that add to the Trocomán and Ñireco stream to finish painting the postcard.

This Mountain Lodge is a perfect amalgam of new construction with the pre-existing historic buildings of the estancia. The property has four luxurious bedrooms. In addition, it has many common areas with a large fireplace to share the fishing stories that remain after an intense day.

what to do in the north neuquino

If we talk about gastronomy, the dishes are excellent combinations of traditional Patagonian and international cuisine. All accompanied by the best Argentine wines.

It's time to go fishing

Rainbow trout is not native, it was introduced in 1940. In 2006, the brown trout strain found closest to Junín de los Andes was incorporated. Both varieties displaced native fish and bloomed due in part to their size and abundant food supply. Those who like fly fishing in Neuquén Norte will find particularly fighting and very strong pieces.

Most water areas are spring streams originating in the high elevation wetlands of the Andes. The upper stretches are usually slow and winding before reaching the lower elevations where the gradient and flows increase. The lower elevations provide a wide supply of productive water for irrigation.

what to do in the north neuquino

In addition, the area also offers some larger rivers that are ideal for fishing on board from late spring to early summer. After, from the end of December, the area becomes mainly a fishing experience from the coast or wading (when the fisherman enters the river).

As in every Patagonian estancia, the place offers horseback riding, bird watching and participation of rural activities.

Publication Date: 18/02/2021

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