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5 safety pins from Villa La Angostura

With a beauty difficult to explain, Villa La Angostura, in the province of Neuquén, offers endless beautiful landscapes.


That  Argentinian Patagonia  is full of places whose beauty is sometimes difficult to encompass is something we all know. Villa La Angostura, south of the province of  Neuquén , is one of those magical places that everyone should know. If you are planning your visit, we leave you 5 places you can't miss in Villa La Angostura.

5 safety pins from Villa La Angostura:

  1.  Mirror Lake . Never a name was so literal: its clean, static waters reflect the landscapes like a mirror. The result is an amazing postcard that doesn't look like anything we've seen before. On its shores alternate volcanic sandy beaches, reeds and rock areas with steep slope. Lake Espejo is the first of the 7 lakes circuit.
  2.   Arrayanes Forest  . Unique in the world, it exhibits specimens up to 25 meters and an age between 160 and 250 years, with spectacular exceptions reaching 600 years old! Safety pin.
  3.  Cerro Bayo . A few kilometers from the city is Cerro Bayo, an imposing mountain in the Andes mountain range. In winter season, it has an excellent  ski center, with 24 tracks of different levels so that no one is left outside. The hill is surrounded by glacial lakes and the beautiful natural vegetation of the Patagonian forest. Throughout the year, an adventure center with various activities is open.
  4.  Bonito River Waterfalls . This 35-meter water jump falls into an emerald green hole. The landscape is of a beauty difficult to explain. The walk could only be done on  foot, walking  around 200 meters that require approximately 30 minutes. Due to its difficulty level, it is recommended to go with guidance.
  5.  Correntoso River . A paradise for fans of  fly fishing , for the abundance and size of trout specimens found there. It is one of the smallest rivers in the world: its route varies between 200 and 300 meters, depending on the level of the lakes it connects.

Publication Date: 29/09/2019

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