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3 must-see places in the north of neuquino

If you love tranquility, adventure tourism and outdoor life, you will love the north of Neuquino! These are the best destinations to visit.


Characteristic for its tranquility, beautiful landscape and countless natural attractions, the north of Neuquino is   a good choice for   who wish   disconnect   of the noise of big cities.

Known as the”   Patagonia Valleys and Volcanoes   “In allusion to its landscape, it offers interesting tourist proposals for those who flee from mass tourism. Rush environment, bathed with streams and rivers of thaw, north of   Neuquen   has beautiful places that deserve to be visited.

  Chos Malal  

Located   400 kilometers from the capital city of Neuquina   , you get to this city by the   RN 40   from   Zapala   . Framed by hills and bardas, this town is   known as Corral Amarillo   . According to its inhabitants, it is in allusion to the autumn landscape in which yellow predominates throughout its surroundings.

This small town in Neuquino has an interesting historical centre to explore on foot. You can visit the María Auxiliadora Parish, the Olascoaga Provincial Historical Museum, the old Dewey Ramos General Warehouse, among others. In each of these historic sites, visitors will find informative posters.

In proximity to   Chos Malal   , about 40 km away, is the   Tromen Provincial Park   . The ideal place for photography lovers. More than   30 thousand hectares   guard   80 species of   birds     , of which   one third   of them   are aquatic   . Herons,   flamingos   , different species of ducks, macas, bandurries and black-necked swans are some of the species that can be seen there.


Over the stream Huingan-Có and   about 490 km from the city of Neuquén   , you will find this   mandatory gastronomic stop   . If you are visiting north Neuquino you have to try   the best   patagonian chivitos     .

Variety of small dining rooms surround the center of the village, where culinary, cultural and historical traditions invite tourists to get out of the car and enjoy a lunch. To the little boy,   is added to it as well   the trout         as a typical dish.

  Huinganco   has a beautiful pine forest. It surrounds a lagoon, which receives the same name as the village. On foot or by bike, it is a must-see tour for tourists.

You can also walk to the   Cerro Corona   and the   viewpoint San Pedro   to get a wonderful panoramic view of the mountain range of Huinganco. In addition, from both postcards, you can also see the   Tromen volcano   and the   domuyo hill   .


Continuing the route to the north of the province of Neuquén, about 60 kilometers from Huinganco by RP 43, is the     El Domuyo Provincial Protected Natural Area     . This is known for its   hot springs stream   called   Aguas Calientes   .

Large   natural piletones   invite tourists to   enjoy a thermal bath in the middle of the mountains   . From there, you can observe the   Domuyo Volcano   which, with its 4702 meters, is   the highest point in Patagonia   .

These are undoubtedly three great destinations that you can not miss if you visit Neuquén. Ideal to enjoy as a couple or family during a break any long weekend.

Publication Date: 22/06/2020

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