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National Parks disseminates regulations for the safety of tourists in their protected areas

The NPA disseminated a series of tips and standards to be met in the areas under its responsibility.


The registration of access to wild areas and a preliminary study of the location and the weather forecast are some of the recommendations of the National Park Administration (APN) for tourists visiting their nature reserves this summer, especially on adventure trips.
The APN disseminated a series of tips and standards to be met in the areas under its responsibility, many of which host important tourist attractions or are complemented by destinations that have already begun to receive thousands of summer visitors.
One of the most important recommendations is to respect the free and compulsory registration, before and at the end of a journey, which allows you to warn if someone did not return from a walk and go out in search of them.
The natural environments of the national parks also have signage and maintenance systems, as well as specific trails, in accordance with international safety standards for the different categories of walkers, to which it is necessary to adjust.
For those who choose to spend the night in mountain shelters in the Andean parks, he points out that these have their own dynamics of accommodation and load capacity, so it is advisable to make reservations before starting the climb.
In all cases it is advisable to go with a guide and observe the instructions of the park rangers and signs, since there are basic rules for hiking in rough areas, beyond the degree of difficulty of each trail — which must also be taken into account — and the physical capacity and experience of the walkers.
In the reports offices and visitor centers of the parks, fundamental data for the safety of hikers in the event of an emergency are released, so it is essential to have this information that allows the implementation of safety, rescue and rescue protocols.
“All walks should be planned and it is advisable to do them in the company of someone, with suitable clothing and equipment,” the text says, adding that “the weather forecast, which is usually changing, must also be taken into account.”
In areas of precipitation and strong winds the fall of trees and branches is frequent, which can cause the closure of trails in the wooded areas.
An injury or mild bodily discomfort, which in urban areas is resolved soon in a health center, in the rugged areas can be complicated and requires special logistics and longer time to be solved.
In many wild areas there is no connectivity for cell phones, which should be seen by hikers and by those engaged in nautical and aquatic activities.
Many of the National Parks's water courses and mirrors are nestled in remote scenarios, outside the cell phone coverage areas, which requires greater precautions.
Other more common recommendations for tourists are not to enter with pets; only to make fire in authorized places; to check the state of routes, roads and internal trails and weather forecast; and not to affect the environment to any extent.

Source: Télam

Publication Date: 17/01/2019

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