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Mountain bike along the Chacras Trails

Beginners and experts, adults and children, men and women, everyone chooses the bike trails. As always, the mountain is the great hostess.


Mendoza and its geography lend themselves to the realization of any outdoor activity or sport. Mountains, rivers, streams, native flora and fauna are the ideal setting to disconnect from the routine and dedicate yourself to yourself. The Chacras Trails are part of this option and are visited by thousands of athletes every weekend.

They are reached through the Pan-American route, passing the well-known dance venue “La Guanaca”, in Luján de Cuyo. Some get there by bike, “to warm up”, they recognize. Others load the bike to their vehicle, park at the entrance to the property and pedal practically from the beginning of the gravel street. And, finally, the most “lazy” enter with their vehicle about 2 kilometers to a post located between mountains and trees, park, and are already ready for adrenaline. On the trails we find everything. Lonely people, groups of friends who are going to have fun, small groups that are going to train, others who, organized in platoons, take the situation professionally and respond to the orders of a coach.

The characteristics of the place also tempt motorcyclists of enduro, although their entry is expressly prohibited. However, in more of one occasion you have to be attentive, especially in the “bites” of down, because motorized boys can come, although, it is true, the noise of the engine gives them away.

Popular References

Cyclists who have already gone a couple of times know the terminology typical of the area. The different paths have names particular: the climb of Mickey, the climb of Pepe, the path of the Cable Peeled, etc. And there are some wider streets, which occasionally go through to those trails, known as “chopped”.

There are also elements that are reference not to be missed like “The Burned House” or “The Tranquera”. Anyway, it can be clarify that, for some years, the Municipality took letters in the matter and has installed the necessary signage for everyone to be located.

Finally, there are some not so popular places, more exclusive, known to a few. Like, for example, the waterfall. AND is that, in hot days and that typical Mendoza sun, it is a fixed that you end up to pedal and take a while under the little jump of water, no more than a meter and a half, which forms a stream in the area. But to get there, there will be to find out and ask. But it's worth it.

Best of all: it's free.

Publication Date: 17/10/2019

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