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What does the entrance to the Argentinian side Falls include?

The Cataracts on the Argentine side give us the possibility to enter the jumps, experience them, feel their strength.


Let's say it: the Waterfalls on the Brazilian side have panoramic views so amazing that they thrill. But the  Cataracts  on the Argentine side give us the possibility to go into the jumps, experience them, feel their strength. Today we tell you what includes the entrance to the Park.

The Iguazu Falls, in addition to being a World Heritage Site, are one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World. Almost 80% of them are located on the Argentine side, in a protected area within the Iguazú National Park.

When you visit the Falls, there are some information you need to keep in mind to enter the Park:

  • The entry  time  for the Iguazú National Park is from 8 to 16.30. You can stay inside until 18.
  •  Entrance  to Iguazu National Park is paid by card or cash (Argentine pesos). The parking lot too.
  •  At the time of taking out the entrance, it is necessary to present an ID or passport. 
  •  Please note : You can visit Iguazu National Park two days in a row. On the second day you pay half. For this, on the first day you need to approach the window and ask to be validated for the next day. The next day you will need to show up with that validated entry and your ID.

Tours in the Argentinian side of the Iguazu Falls

These are the tours included with the entrance to the Iguazu National Park:


Within Iguazú National Park there is a train that runs from the entrance (Central Station-First Station) to Garganta del Diablo Station (third station). Once there, to access the Garganta del Diablo, you have to walk along a 1100 m walkway (Paseo Garganta del Diablo).

 Green Trail 

It is 600 m walk from the information center to Cataratas Station (second station) along a trail surrounded by greenery. It is recommended to go this towards Cataratas Station and from there take the train to Garganta del Diablo.

 Top Walk 

It is accessed from Cataratas Station. They are 1750 m walking along walkways. Here we visit the jumps San Martin, Mbiguá, Gpeque Barnabé Mendez, Adam and Eve, Bosetti, Chico and Dos Hermanas. It is a trail with low difficulty. The estimated visit time is 2 hours and this circuit can be accessed until 17.

 Lower circuit 

It is accessed from Cataratas Station, past the lighthouse. It's 1700 m walking along walkways. The last part is a road between stones. From here you can see the Dos Hermanas, Chico, Alvar Nuñez and Lanusse jumps. The circuit is of average accessibility and the estimated visit time is 1 hour and 45 minutes. Access to the circuit is allowed until 17.

 Macuco Trail 

It is accessed from Central Station and is a 7000 m journey (round trip). It is recommended for trekking, bird watching and getting to know the jungle. It is interpretive and self-guided. Here you access the Salto Arrechea. The difficulty is low in the first 3200 m, high in the 200 m that follow it and a half in the final 100 m. The estimated visit time is 3 hours. Entry is allowed from 8 to 15 and must be terminated before dark.

Publication Date: 17/10/2019

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