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Water sports: another way to enjoy the summer in Posadas

Water sports are in vogue in Posadas. We tell you the best options to enjoy the missionary summer in the capital of the province.

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In the city of  Posadas  the heat tightens with temperatures up to 40º. But not to worry! In Misiones there is holy remedy or, rather, holy remedies, because they are many, refreshing and fun. It's water sports. The missionary capital, located on the banks of the  Paraná River  , offers many activities to make the most of the water.

 Canogues, kayaks and sailboats 

The rowing has alternatives for all tastes on the coast of Posada. The Canadian canoe, the canoe or the kayak.  The canoe is ideal for beginners ; kayaks, on the other hand, are perfect for sailing alone or accompanied. In the meantime, the candle has two variants. Boats without a cabin, good for beginners, and sailboats “cabins”, which require more experience and expertise in navigation. More options, impossible!

 Windsurfing, stand up paddle and sailing 

Afternoon falls and on the horizon of the great Paraná River all kinds of silhouettes are cut through the water. Sails, boards, oars and shovels embellish the landscape of the Posadeña waterfront. What sports are they doing?

Windsurfing or sailing is a sport of sailing that consists of moving in the water on a board. Something similar to a surf, but provided with a sail. The stand up paddle, also known as paddle surfing, is a different form of sliding. The navigator uses a paddle to move through the water while standing on a surfboard. Finally, sailing involves controlling the dynamics of a boat powered only by the wind in its sails.  Sailing, as a sport, can be for recreation or competition. In Posadas there are two, which one are you going to choose? 

Water sports, intended for all ages, are available at  Club Náutico Posadas  and  Club Náutico León Seró  . Kayaks can be rented in the latter

Sunday to Monday, from 14 to 19:30. The cost per hour and a half is $100 per person. There also operates the boating school corresponding to the Club. It's three times a week, for all ages from the age of 8, at a cost of $700 per month. Windsurfing lessons are offered at $500 per class.

 Boating schools, inclusive boating and lifeguards 

On the beach El Brete, you will find the Municipal School of Canotaje. Classes are divided into groups: minors (8 to 18 years), seniors and people with disabilities.  For adults the activity is completely free.The School teaches basic knowledge of sport, paleo techniques and safety maneuvers .  The only requirements to enter are to be over 8 years old and know how to swim.

Another option is inclusive Canoeing.  The Rio Paraná Canotaje Club is dedicated to the inclusion of people with disabilities from the age of 8 .

 If you're interested in working in the water, the Life Guard School offers you an option . The institution has open its inscriptions for those who seek to make their passion a profession within the aquatic world. Certificates of national validity are awarded and technical and teaching advice from the best professionals in the country.

Publication Date: 06/02/2020

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