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Mines of Wanda, the jewellery of Misiones

The Wanda Mines are a proposal that combines history, nature and the mining and jewelry industry. A must see.


 Wanda  is a community, home to an important colony of Poles. She found her name in recognition of Princess Wanda of Poland who had a particular taste for precious gems. Today it is known for the  Wanda Mines, a site of semi-precious stones. 

Historically we could talk about a young place.  It was discovered in 1976  and, since then, different miners have installed an industry there. The main engine of the place is mineral exploitation, but the Wanda Mines have become a tourist destination.

They are only 40 kilometers from  Puerto Iguazu . The place is a path of caves and rocky paths that show the chemical combination that nature produces with different elements.  Amethysts, topaz, rock crystals, agates and jasps can be seen. 

It is the same miners who manage the place that combine the industry in the Wanda Mines with tourism. They offer tourist guides that combine the history of the place with its natural properties. The tour is not long, but we could say that being in  Iguazu  is mandatory.

The visit

The visit to the  Wanda Mines  shows us nature in its purest state and then the jewelry that produces that place. The whole process of transforming a stone into a jewel. To  visit  the Wanda Mines it is advisable to plan with the climate in mind. The region can offer very heavy rains and storms. These drawbacks make the place closed for  sightseeing .

Misiones is full of magic beyond the falls, and the Wanda Mines are one of them. It's a different activity, it relates you to nature from another place. We managed to see how a culture is built in the environment and how the  missionary industry grows.


Publication Date: 28/02/2020

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