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To find the way out!

Monte Carlo's hilarious vegetable labyrinth has two entrances and a single exit. We tell you why it is an ideal attraction to enjoy with your family.

Laberinto Vegetal Del Parque Provincial Juan Vortisch

Let's start by saying something important. There's nothing more fun than getting lost in a maze. If there is not, there should be some tip that says  “It is good for health to visit a labyrinth once a year.”  The recommendation goes for both children and adults. The thing about looking for a way out of things is a  pastime  that is practiced in person at Juan Vortisch Park in Montecarlo.

There are many labyrinths  in the world and in our country. Some are larger than others, with more or less exits and with different difficulty levels. What is special about the city of Monte Carlo? You'll find out

 Where is it? 

Little known, the  Vegetable Labyrinth  is  located in Juan Vortisch Park in the town of Montecarlo, Misiones . This tourist site is located only 190 kilometers from  Posadas  and 120 from  Puerto Iguazu  . So it integrates harmonically into a tour of the main attractions of the province. The park has an area of six hectares, with endemic and exotic flora, with the orchid as the star of the place. All species are signposted so that in addition to enjoying their beauty the visitor seeks knowledge.

The Labyrinth has an area of more than three thousand square meters. With the  colored earth  as a tapestry, linear ligustrines rise that invite you to walk through convoluted trails. The good news? They have a bad way out? There are 510 blind corners to get lost and start over. Only two paths lead to that single exit, one measuring 580 meters and the other slightly less, 350.

 An overelevated viewpoint bridge serves to observe from the heights and help some lost family member or simply contemplate the maze in its entirety . When you climb, you have the same feeling as when we manage to put together a complicated puzzle once.

If you decide to take a full day excursion in  Juan Vortisch Park , it has perfect parking, lounge, grills and tables.

The vegetable labyrinth is one of the most visited attractions in Monte Carlo.  It is ideal to meet him in October, during the National Orchid and Provincial Festival of the Flower . On that date, the city is an explosion of natural colors. Huge canafistolas, lapachos, cedars, and alecrines are intermingled with Indian bamboos or Mexican palm trees. This is an ideal walk to do with the whole  family . The kids are going to love him and the big ones too.

    Vegetable Labyrinth Of Juan Vortisch Provincial ParkVegetable Labyrinth Of Juan Vortisch Provincial Park

 Useful data 

It is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 8:00 to 18:00

Entrance to Vortisch Park is free and free, but entrance to the labyrinth is tariff.

The approximate time it takes for the first time to discover the departure, is between 40 minutes and 1 hour

From Posadas, you reach the RN 12 towards the north, passing through the towns of San Ignacio, Jardín América.

From Puerto Iguazú by the same route, but in the south direction.

Middle-distance buses depart from both cities to Monte Carlo.

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Publication Date: 07/05/2020

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