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Tips to visit the Iguazu Falls

Tips and tips to fully experience your visit to the Iguazu Falls and appreciate the power of nature in Argentina.


The Iguazú Falls, in Misiones, are one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Belonging to this select club enhances the beauty of the place as well as tourism. It is a highly sought after attraction by Argentines and also by tourists from the world.

Those who were able to visit them know that the place offers a unique and unforgettable experience. Perhaps few natural places in Argentina, even South America, can transmit the peace that nature gives, but also its incredible strength and power.

If we have already planned the trip to Misiones, to live the Iguazu Falls to the maximum it is necessary to take into account some things. We leave you. some tips so that the only thing that surprises you is the magic of nature.

1. Date of travel

Iguazú Park is open all year round, but in summer the heat and humidity can be overwhelming. Perhaps the best time is in late summer or in the middle of autumn.

2. Weather

We must consider the weather conditions. If strong storms are predicted and for a long period of time, this may affect our journey . The flooding of the stream of water sometimes requires partial closure of some steps.

3. We're going to wet

Be it a sunny or rainy day, in the Iguazu Falls We're gonna get wet. Not a little, not much, we're going to get completely wet. He water that fires every jump is going to hit us like dew.

4. Repellent and sunscreen

The paths at each jump will be through the jungle, so we must carry with us a repellent to reduce the torment of stings. It is essential to place children with repellent and sunscreen. We'll be outdoorsall day.

5. Water and food

Iguazu National Park has bars and food courtyards assigned. We should not have food in sight or easily accessible. Some animals have gotten used to people giving them food. Some of us may move on to take it away from us. It is ideal to carry the full bottle of water all the time, they are very long paths.

6. Cameras and cell phones

We're exposed to water all the time. The idea is that the electronic equipment is waterproof or, at least, having some protection. We're in a wild environment. It's good to insure every phone or camera to our body as a branch or a jet of water could catch up with us.

7. Posters

Publication Date: 22/05/2020

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