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The treasure map says there is wealth in Eldorado

What is it that shines and has the color of gold? Yes, Eldorado is a missionary town with more than 100 years of pride.

If in  Misiones  we ask about the  city of the long street  they will direct us to a single  destination  . It is that  Eldorado  is characterized by running along several kilometers, taking the Paraná River as a reference. A place with  tropical fruit scent that combines jungle, ravines, mountains and mountains  to make you dizzy in style.

This is the  third most important population settlement in the province , which can be dimensioned once you have a foot inside. So if you want to meet him, all you have to do is take a trip on the RN 12. In addition, it is located  206 kilometers from  Posadas  and 100 kilometers  from Iguazu Falls   .

 An ode to the red earth 

The village was founded on  September 29, 1919  by  Adolf Julius Schwelm  , a German from Frankfurt. The day was established in tribute to his birthday, which also coincided with the arrival of this to the old  port  of what is today Eldorado. As for the name, it is  inspired by  what the man envisioned from his ship to the distance. There, he managed to perceive a  natural beauty and shimmers of sunshine  that crossed the  virgin forest  . Aspects that went back to a legend of earthly paradise, made up of a  territory full of riches and treasures. 

These visions served as the basis for Schwelm's philosophy, who firmly held that  abundance lay on the red  earth  . So, if you  worked in a constant and dedicated way , the  locals would see the city  they dreamed of  born as a fruit. Thus, the immigrant sought ways in which productive activities, such as  agriculture and the timber industry, could begin to develop in the city. Finally, the movement drew attention and encouraged the  establishment of other Europeans  with yearnings for progress. Among them were Germans, Dutch, Swiss, Italians, Danes and Poles.

 A walk through the memory of the founder  

Within the  attractions  of Eldorado we have  Shwelm Park  . It is a  free campsite, located  nine kilometres from the city center . It is also located in an area surrounding what was once the home of its creator. Inside, we can embark on  trails that are bordered by exotic flora. At the same time, it has  panoramic views  of Paraná, a portion of the rainforest and the coast of Paraguay. Thus, a gratifying proposal to relax in the company of nature is assembled.

On the other hand, the  Municipal Museum Casa del Fundador is available on the premises. Your visit is recommended to admire the exhibitions of archaeological pieces and lithic collections of the  Paleolithic Parana, Neolithic and Tupy Guarani periods . An option to enjoy  throughout the year  and that contributes to knowing the  history of the colony  .

 In case you stayedenergized  

However,  the tour does not end there . If we head to the central area, we will cross with bars, restaurants, nightclubs, confectioneries and a pedestrian block. While when it comes to accommodation, the options are varied but warm. There are cabins, campsites, inns and a few hotels that aim to provide the tranquility that visitors look for in the town. Then, it will be a matter of  surrendering  to the  edge  of the long street and  finding the gold  on the crossing.

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