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The Knowledge Park

The Knowledge Park is a cultural center in the city of Posadas, capital of the province of Misiones, visiting it is an obligation.

This is one of the many special places that our country has and a real missionary gem. A park, located in the city of Posadas, in the province of  Misiones . But  the Knowledge Park  is not just any park, it is a center of culture, innovation and technology , with nothing more or nothing less than an area of 25 hectares. The Knowledge Centre, as it is also known, has a dozen different pavilions. Sectors dedicated to Earth and Space Sciences, with its Astronomical Observatory. The Lyric Hall, the Prose Theatre, the Art Center and an IMAX Cinema among others.

 We found out 

The tour begins in the  dry square  of the Park. From there, we have a panoramic view of the entire property. The square has an area of 2500 meters and direct access to the rest of the pavilions. A few meters to the left is the red bank. As in many squares around the world, the bank invites reflection on femicide and gender-based violence.

Now yes, the paths forked and it is the option for each visitor to choose the desired course. One possibility is to visit the  Public Library of Missions . In addition to the traditional offer, the Library has a room for the visually impaired with adapted material. It also has a pedagogical room for teachers and teaching students.

 The technological nuggets 

If knowledge technology is your thing, you can't miss out on  IMAX . 4D cinema is one of the most extraordinary in the world. Upon entering it is possible to check the premieres billboard and tour its only room with a giant screen.

Two technological jewels of the Park are the  Astronomical Observatory of the Missions  and the pavilion of “Infinite to Discover”. The Observatory is literally “a gift from heaven”.  Its giant telescope allows you to see directly the planets Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, and naturally the Moon .But the astronomical pavilion is much more than a telescope. In fact, it is a School-Observatory, in which children and adults can learn and research about the cosmos.You're gonna feel like they're in NASA!

Following the educational line of the Park,  “Infinite for Discovering”  is a non-formal cultural proposal. Its aim is to encourage curiosity among the little ones. It does so through science, arts and technology workshops. You can get to know the classrooms workshops and observe the backdrops of small scientists. If after all this they had time left, there are many more pavilions to go through.

 Interesting data 

The official website offers a virtual tour invites you to discover all the facilities of the Knowledge Park, in a 360 degree tour. On the images, you can view icons with specific information about the various pavilions. Anticipate what you will know when you visit it  click here 

Contact details: Ulises López y RN12 (West Access) - 0376 459-7565 -

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