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The Cross of Santa Ana: a place to fall in love

La Cruz Theme Park is a magical place. This February 14th has a special proposal to fall in love. We'll
| 12 February, 2020 |

Lovers Day comes and the inevitable question begins to arise. What can I give to the person I love? The options are unlimited, although not all of them turn out to be as indicated. The Parque de la Cruz de Santa Ana offers this February 14 a different option to fall in love with nature. Therefore, if you are romantic by birth, La Cruz awaits you with an unforgettable proposal. A special night in a unique place.

The Cruz Theme Park is located on Cerro Santa Ana, in the province of Misiones. It is a wonderful place, located in a plot of 57.5 hectares of pure native mountain. The Park has it all: waterfalls, native tree species, local birds and natural viewpoints. A space that combines pure nature with architecture in perfect balance. It’s love at first sight!


A landscape to fall in love

The Park offers a privileged view of the Paraná jungle from a viewpoint of 82 meters high. The observatory, known as the “eye of the jungle”, leaves more than one with its beauty. On the other hand, El Parque invites you to go through trails through the natural mountain. It also offers outdoor activities, ecumenical religious celebrations, cultural events, landscape observation and bird watching.


But the main attraction of the property is La Cruz. An architectural complex with balconies that allow access to views panoramic views from different angles. It’s 82 meters, the height of a building. of almost 30 floors. In other words, the most giant cross you’ve ever seen in your life!

The lighting of the Cross creates a special spectacle for those in love with nature. Starts when sunlight is removed. Grills d

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