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Moconá Falls: the largest longitudinal drop in water on the planet

Maybe if he was in another province it would be a destination we all talked about, he had to be in a place where a wonder opaque it.

satos del moconá

The  Saltos del Moconá , 1800 meters long, are the largest of its kind in the world. Why this particularity? Most, if not all, the waterfalls and falls run perpendicularly to the channel that gives rise to them. These Saltos, on the Uruguay River, are parallel to its trace. In that piece of  Misiones  Uruguay serves as a border with Brazil, in other words, as is the case with the Iguazu Falls, we share them with them.


In the heart of Moconá Provincial Park, the Saltos, with an average height of 20 meters, make up this tourist attraction resulting from a geological fault over the Uruguay River, between the mouths of the Pepirí Guazú and Yabotí streams (on the Argentine side). The park has been inside the Yabotí Biosphere Reserve of more than 235 thousand hectares.

the jumps of mocona

In Guarani language, Moconah means  “that which swallows everything.”   The entire region is covered by the Missionary Forest. Only from the Salto Yucumã (on the Brazilian side) it is possible to observe the waterfall from the front. That is why, in our country, there are several services to travel them embarked on gomons.


Other activities such as double-tracted vehicle rides are also on site. Horseback riding, hiking and canoe rental. It is also done the descent of the river in kayaks, the so-called rafting in the middle of galleries.


Throughout the park, walking its trails, you enjoy the flora and fauna discovering at every step how thousands of life forms coexist harmoniously: trees, shrubs, plants that grow on top of each other, the so-called epiphytes, together with birds, mammals, reptiles, fish and amphibians in a natural balance. The paths enabled for tourism are three, two of them of high difficulty. The Grotto, 600 meters and access to the Pier Piedra Bugre of two kilometers. For the less experienced, we recommend the 1800 meters long Chachí trail.

jumps of mocona

The Moconá Provincial Park does not allow camping. If you have a supplier and the Yabotí Restó. A gastronomic place that offers not only minutes but also exquisite gourmet cuisine with the fruits of the river. The diner will enjoy the delicacies of missionary food immersed in an environment full of nature. For those who want to take a souvenir there is a place where Guaraní handicrafts are exhibited and sold

Publication Date: 03/05/2021

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