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Misiones again enjoy the Iguazu National Park

Iguazu National Park reopened its doors. Today we tell you what his new normal is about.

 Internal missionary tourism   is ready to go after the harsh  pandemic  in the country.   National Government  on  19 August  . It was announced the  qualification  for  local activity  in the  Iguazú National Park , exclusively for  residents of the province  . The measure was arranged through  Administrative Decision 1524/2020 , published in the Official Gazette. The decree is also signed by the  Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero; and the Minister of Health, Ginés González García .

For its part, the  National Parks Administration  was responsible for issuing the  necessary regulations for the reboot  . In this regard, we worked together with the provincial management for its implementation. In this way, the opening, suspension or resumption will be constantly assessed on the basis of what the health situation requires. Therefore, in the authorities there is a  primary need  to provide a  security framework  for locals. Always in accordance with the measures coming from the municipal and provincial  Emergency Operations Centers (COE)  .

 New life, new rules 

The  regulations  stipulate that a  maximum of 500 people may enter  the space. In turn, this number will be divided as follows:  200  may be from  Puerto Iguazú  and  300  of the rest of  Missions .  Shifts  must be requested only on Saturdays  and Sundays  , while  admission will be free  . Added to this, the site  will extend  the allowed  schedule  , which will be  from 8 to 16  , and the  revenue from 8 to 12  . To  book  ,  please contact  3757  -531259  (homonymous city) and  3757-531232  (provincial territory) from  Monday to Thursday  .

Those who want to  enjoy  the   natural spectacle  offered by the Iguazu National Park should download the  Misiones Digital   application  . There,  four shifts of 62 people  will be established approximately every  30 minutes  . The means of mobility chosen to the place will be left in the assigned parking lot and will be entered by the windlasses to  Central Station . In addition, you have the options to take the train and walk along the  Green Path  to  Cataratas Station  . Then, it will continue until the start of the  Upper Circuit , which is the  only one enabled in this phase. It should be noted that the permitted toilets will only be those that are located in both stations.

 Responsibilities to take into account  

• Maintain  preventive social distancing  of 1 or 2 meters and avoid  mass agglomerations  .

• Have a  distance from wildlife  of at least 2 meters. This is because scientific information accounts for possible virus overflow to and from here.

• It is  prohibited  to  hold group meetings  in which it is difficult to maintain adequate remoteness from others.

• Use  personal protective elements  that cover nose, mouth and chin at all times.

•  Avoid  shaking hands, hugging or kissing other people.

•  Wash your hands frequently   with soap and water  for 20-40 or with gel alcohol. This step must be done at  all times .

• It is recommended to bring with you a  plastic bag  to discard disposable tissues or other contaminated items.

•  Avoid  taking your hands to your face and touching eyes, nose and mouth (including wearing gloves).

• It will not be possible  to enter  with  food  .

• We will have  to return  with the  waste generated  .

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