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Home Travel Misiones Let's lower the stress of so much pandemic in the Baths of the Selva!

Let's lower the stress of so much pandemic in the Baths of the Selva!

The Baths of the Selva reopen their doors so that its unique vegetation and tranquility make us forget everything.

 Termas de la Selva

A  natural  estate of  eight hectares  bordering the RN 14, more accurately at kilometer 878. Its proximity to the beautiful city of  Oberá ,  Misiones , make it even more attractive to make a stop step. Although once you are inside the sensations of relaxation and well-being will not let the visitor go. The  Termas de la Selva  are located amidst abundant green, such as Yerba Mate plantations and other native species.

The initiative emerged with the  aim of promoting tourism and social development in the region . In this regard, it undertakes to implement an  environmental policy  in accordance with national, provincial and municipal legislation on the issue. Thus, it intends  to continue with the implementation of environmentally friendly behaviors and promote economic resources for their care . In addition, work is being done to promote healthy practices and correctly manage residual natural materials.

 The place can be reached by private cars or via the urban transport service of Oberá . Among the services offered we can find nursing area, accessible toilets or rent and sale of dressing gowns and towels. It also has a healthy trail that has 800 meters and is suitable for a quiet walk surrounded by nature. Also, there is an internal parking sector, a space with exercise equipment, Wi Fi and sale of local handicrafts and souvenirs.

  Mineromedicinal water  

In the premises of the property there are  three hot spring pools that emerge from the Guaraní Aquifer . These are hyperthermal, that is to say they have a temperature higher than regular, and range between 47 and 50 degrees Celsius. In order for the visitor to enjoy them, it is necessary to extract them from a drilling at more than  1270 meters deep . By their composition they are classified as  alkaline, bicarbonated, sulfated, fluorinated and medium-mineralized waters .

Its  benefits  to the human body are  exceptional  , given that they improve allergic responses as well as liver function and its detoxifying role. In parallel, they develop regeneration of skin tissues and peripheral nerves. Other valuable contributions they make is to play a prominent role in joint repair and they are anti-inflammatory and analgesic.

At the time of immersion and enjoyment of the place, restoration of mobility of a segment can be achieved, as well as improve balance and coordination. Added to this, it strengthens sensory stimuli, and favorably increases the psychological and emotional state. Finally, it is recommended to develop smooth movements inside the pools and increase them to acquire a decrease in pain if you have them.

Publication Date: 09/10/2020

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