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I take 5 minutes, I drink a tea

The Tea Route in Misiones invites you to visit the missionary theals and make a unique experience. Ready to start in an exciting world?


In the popular imaginary, the province of Misiones is associated with the yerbatales. The mate, an argentinian tradition, eclipses without wanting another typical product of our province and our country.   talking about tea   .

To this infusion, we have it generally associated with countries such as   China   or England. However, although few know, Argentina is among the top 10 tea-producing countries in the world and the first in America.   93% are produced in Misiones   . So, if you're a lover of this wonderful drink, there is no better place to meet it than on the Tea Route.

  The Tea Route is a venture created to enjoy this   infusion   in contact with nature   . It is an educational trip through the city of Oberá that crosses 50 thousand hectares cultivated from the famous and adorable thealeros fields.

  An exciting tour  

The day begins with an exciting tour of the tea gardens, full of history and mysticism. Following closely its cultivation and elaboration, visitors learn methods and types of leaf collection. Then a visit to the factory is carried out at scale to closely follow the entire production process. There it is known as brewing the strands for tea service. There are also outdoor walks through the wonderful landscape of the plantations. The tour culminates with the strawberry of dessert,   a pleasant tasting of teas where the senses will be tested   . It's a   unique sensory experience   in which it is sought to discover the different nuances of the drink. Each tasting has a special feature and visitors will learn to discover them.

  Camellias Golf Tea Courses  

  Camellias Golf Tea Courses   is an emblematic place within the Tea Route. The establishment, linked for generations to the production of this drink, is open to tourism.   The activities related to traditional infusion are combined with sport, health and relaxation   . The club owns a   golf course   of 9 holes, located in the vicinity of the plantations of     Camellias sinensis   ,   scientific name by which the tea plant is known. In addition, the property has a picturesque 20th century English construction, where visitors can learn about the history and culture of the infusion and enjoy the varieties that the property offers.

Publication Date: 20/06/2020

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