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Five reasons you should visit Puerto Iguazú

Puerto Iguazú is the gateway city for visitors who enter Argentina to visit the famous Iguazu Falls.
| 26 January, 2020 |

1. The Iguazu Falls

Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina extended their borders along with the Iguazu National Park, merging the cultures of 3 nations. The park has 275 waterfalls and is home to the famous Iguazu Falls of 80 meters high. The subtropical forest, in Misionesprovince, is adjacent to the border with Brazil. A place to be amazed by the flora, fauna, bromeliads, orchids, araucarias, ficus and the rest of the wonderful natural ecosystem that makes up the park. The vergel reflects waterfalls, river rapids and the ecstasy of the waterfalls. The tourist will be surrounded by a lot of wildlife, including toucans and coatis, and will be able to observe it through the observation platforms on the trails.

2. The House of Bottles

Upon entering Puerto Iguazú, visitors will encounter signs inviting them to a house built with thousands of plastic and glass bottles . Casa de Las Bottles is one of the most recognized buildings in Puerto Iguazú. Designed to publicize the damage that plastic packaging causes to the environment, Alfredo Santa Cruz and his family created this house. The walls are made of 1200 plastic bottles, the roof contains 1300 tetra pack boxes, the windows have 140 CD boxes and all chairs and furniture are made of plastic containers.


3. The Biocentro

The Biocentro, is located within the theme hotel El Pueblito. There you can see an excessive sample of the different expressions of the native flora and fauna. The path begins with a streamer, then you reach the so-called Garden, where you can see an important sample of orchids and bromeliads among other species. The walk also includes a butterfly home, the aquarium. Reptiles, birds and plants will give the visitor the magnitude of the diversity of the region. With a tour through trails in the middle of the vegetation, tourists can have visual contact with various species. Once the tour is over, you can enjoy drinks and typical and other exotic foods, thus forming a true themed menu.


4. The place of faith in Puerto Iguazú

Located in San Martín Square, the Cathedral of Virgen del Carmen is the main church of Puerto Iguazú. The cathedral was built in 1936 but has a unique architectural style that is not consistent with that decade. In 1986, the triangular building became a cathedral after the formation of the Diocese of turismo/que-incluye-la-entrada-a-las-cataratas-lado-argent

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