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Easter in Misiones

The province of Misiones has a biblical garden in the heart of its jungle, an ideal place to enjoy Easter.

  Oberá   is located in the province of Misiones, in northeastern Argentina and has the picturesque attraction of the jungle, its red land and its refreshing rivers. The tropical humid heat is proportional to the affection and hospitality of its inhabitants and is the ideal climate that allowed to realize a dream: the construction of the theme park “Biblical Garden”. Considered one of the regions with the greatest biodiversity in Argentina, this missionary city was the propitious site for this particular and unprecedented venture.


The so-called “Biblical Garden” is a large park that is located within the premises of the Home “Santa Teresa del Niño Jesús”. It was inaugurated in 1992 to house persons with disabilities affected by physical and mental illnesses, without resources or who were abandoned by their families.


Just 9 km from the city of Oberena, there, the green space is divided into themed gardens and set with giant sculptures that are inspired by biblical passages of the life, passion and death of Jesus Christ. It also has an oratory.

Tourist Attractions

The biblical garden is declared of municipal and provincial interest and is part of the religious triangle in the central area of the province of Misiones, along with the Jesuit Ruins of San Ignacio and the Cross of Santa Ana.

The figure and reality of the garden goes through the entire story of the Bible: from Creation, known as Eden, Adam and Eve, to the very life of Jesus Christ and the allegories of vineyards, olive trees or trees. There are numerous symbolic references. For this reason some of the gardens that the visitor will visit are the following: Mount Gethsemane with the characteristic olive plants; the “Jardín Cantar de los Cantares” -which is a poem that refers to God's love with his people - set with aromatic plants and flowers; “the Garden of Calvary” where Christ died, the “Garden of the vine” for its great meaning in all Scripture and its relationship with humanity, among so many others.


In this way, through trails and surrounded by vegetation in all shades of green as only this missionary land can offer you can enjoy this exquisite walking tour and get to know a different look at Christian history.

Location of the park in la Selva

This theme park is located within the premises of Hogar “Santa Teresa”, at Av. Sagrado Corazón de Jesús 4213 in the city of Oberá, entering by RP 103.


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