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Do you know what is the most chosen destination for tourists in Misiones?

It is one of those destinations that everyone wants to visit once in a lifetime. We tell you why everyone wants to go to Iguazu Falls.


The province of  Misiones  is a natural paradise full of top level tourist attractions with its waterfalls, rivers, streams, jungle and lots of nature. It also has History, with capital letters, since the province has Jesuit Reductions and three of them are World Heritage Sites. These relics of the past, for their cultural value, are visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world. However, there is one place that no one can stop visiting at least once in a lifetime -  the Iguazu Falls . Its fame is so great that it has transcended national and international borders and, since 2011, is the  7th Natural Wonder of the World 

 The missionary jewel 

In the Iguazu Falls everything is majestic. It is a system of 275 waterfalls in the middle of the  Misionary Forest , within the  National Park Iguazu,  a Natural Heritage Site of Humanity, covering almost 70 thousand hectares. It is so big that it shares borders with Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil.

The park, inside,  has dozens of mini wonders,  eager to be discovered by the visitor. San Martín Island, from where you can see the Salto San Martín. Or the  Devil's Throat , an observation deck that rises above this incredibly powerful and concentrated stream of water.

 Curious facts  

There are a number of data that make Cataratas a more attractive destination for tourists. Shall we start?

  • Iguazu Falls formed as a result of a volcanic eruption.
  • Two thirds of the Iguazu Falls are on the side of Argentina.
  • The Falls appear in many Hollywood films. For example,  The Mission, Indiana Jones, Mr. Magoo, Miami Vice , among others.
  • It is a tourist place that does not stop growing in visits. Only in January 2020, the  Iguazu National Park  received 197,417 visitors. This represents a growth of more than 8 per cent over the previous year. If this goes on,  it is expected that, by 2022, the Park will receive 2 million visits per year .
  • A large part of the water from the Falls falls into the Devil's Garganta, a long abyss 82 meters high, 150 meters wide and 700 meters long. This precipice is in the form of “U.”

Publication Date: 17/03/2020

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