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Christmas is in Capioví

At this time of year, Capioví (Missions) is completely transformed. The Christmas spirit is in the air and there they know how to take advantage of it.


Every December 8th, every house is filled with Christmas decorations. Some more, others less, all according to the possibilities and tastes of each. But there is a place in Argentina that beats everyone: Capioví, a missionary town that turns into a Christmas card from end to end.

If we leave the heat aside, walking through its streets at this time feels like being in those places we know only by photos. Like in the movies, but without the snow. Capioví is located on National Route 12, 120 kilometers from Posadas. For 10 years, they have a unique ritual: when Christmasapproaches, the whole town is decorated. And best of all, the decoration is made with recycled plastic bottles, which gives a sustainable framework to the event .

Preparing the ornament

Christmas Festival in Capioví

The Christmas Festival in Capioví is already a classic that attracts visitors from all sides, as the village is on the way to the Iguazu Falls. At first, it was thought to be a one-time thing. However, each year more neighbors were added and continued growing. The Festival lasts all month and includes musical numbers, gastronomy, handicraft fair and other attractions.

In addition to the decoration, there is a little house where Santa Claus greets and takes pictures with the boys. There is also the Tree of Dreams, where the wishes for the holidays that visitors write on a tiered wood are hung.

Train made with 2400 plastic bottles
Trees and ornaments on San Luis Gonzaga Avenue

A Christmas like the old ones

Beyond the tourist vein of this tradition, the locals say that, since its streets were filled with Christmas, this holiday is lived by another way: they managed to recover the Christmas spirit, in which the important thing is to share, and they left aside the most consumerist aspect of this date.

So, you know: if you really want Christmas , this December don't forget to stop by Capioví .

Christmastree in the Plaza Los Pioneros

Publication Date: 11/12/2019

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