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A museum in the middle of the jungle that gives chills

The museum is actually the home of a famous writer. Do you want to know who he is and why he chose to live in the middle of the jungle?

This museum, once the home of a famous Uruguayan writer, is located in the province of Misiones. Nobody knows exactly why that man decided to move with his family to such an inhospitable place. In the middle of the  s  and  lva . The truth is that  this museum has a different energy , perhaps because of its tragic history.

At this point on the map, everything feels denser. The landscape of tacuara and jungle, the boat by the river, the typewriter stopped forever. It is worth visiting, not only to get to know better about the work of this amazing writer, but because here the story gives the chills.  In this museum there is no need for virtual reality or immersive technology to make the skin of the visitor standing . As the guided tour passes, the writer's “reality” gets through the pores.

 The house 

 From the city of San Ignacio, a narrow path of red earth is born that leads to the house through some meanings . The absence of tourist signs may cause the visitor to doubt the right direction. But you don't have to be scared!, is going well, because the museum is literally in the middle of the jungle.

On arrival, the silence, the green on the red earth and the view of the river impresses. However, the center of attention is taken by the mysterious house. A reconstruction of the original home, which years ago had been built by the famous writer with his own hands. Complete the museum, another small construction, located a few meters from the house. It is the place that the author of “Tales de la Jungle” used to write and spend his time. Here, the tourist can observe the typewriter, a desk and the cot.

 When you walk through the museum, details become sensations . The collection of butterflies and the leather of a large stuffed snake, exhibited as a trophy of another time. The main room, the garden of tacuars, nature wanting to “get through the window”, are examples of an unknown world.

“ The house of Horacio”, as his friends said, better known as “ the House Museum of Horacio Quiroga ”, is a unique place . A point in the middle of the jungle that speaks of a tragic life, its outstanding work and legend. Why did the famous Horacio Quiroga choose to live in that house, in that mysterious and magical place? To know the answer, it's just a matter of going to meet him. They're warned! It's gonna give them the creeps.

 Useful data 

Open Monday to Sunday from 8:00 to 17:00.

It is accessed from the center of San Ignacio and is reached via Horacio Quiroga Avenue. Just off leaving the city 500 meters from the National Gendarmerie Squadron 11 Access Arch, with the direction of Puerto Nuevo, a sign on the left indicates access to the path leading to the museum

San Ignacio is reached by car, from the city of Posadas, provincial capital, passing through RN 12 towards the north, passing through Santa Ana. The total route is 59 kilometers.

From the town of Montecarlo, along the same route but towards the South, passing El Alcázar, Puerto Rico, Capioví, and arriving to destination after a total journey of 121Kms.

From Puerto Iguazu, the distance is 237 kilometers by the RN 12.

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