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5 places to feel spirituality in full (Part II)

From Jesuit churches to miraculous chapels, Misiones is a paradise of religious and cultural diversity. An invitation to feel spirituality.

Missions has churches, monuments, temples and religious festivities to throw up. Its urban constructions, centers of devotion and small rural chapels, constitute a tourist attraction difficult to resist, which points to spirituality.   Religious tourism  refers to a profound and transcendental question that cares for every human being . Is there anything beyond the material? Are we alone in the world? To answer these questions, there is no other than travel.

The province of  Misiones  is from its base 100% religious. The religious and cultural circuit of the province includes visits to various churches, which have the Guaraní Jesuit material foundations. It also offers  a tour of  chapels, temples and parishes  of all rites and colors.  Roman Apostolic Catholic, Ukrainian-Byzantine, Russian Orthodox, German, Buddhist and many more. We tell you 5 places to live spirituality.

 1- Church Cura Brochero 

Shortly after the Canonization of San Gabriel Brochero, the Bishopric of  Posadas  carried out the construction of this temple. The Cura Brochero church has dimensions similar to a Cathedral. It was erected with stone from the town of San Ignacio.

The temple is 320 square meters. It has an adjoining room of another 300 meters to give the Catechesis, with three large classrooms. One of the notable details of the building is the stained glass windows of more than four meters, as was traditional in the churches of the past. On the other hand, the pilgrimage to the patron saint is carried out on 15 March. An event in which hundreds of faithful missionaries come together to pay tribute to  Cura Gaucho .

 2- The Miraculous Tai 

In the mountains of Misiones, in the town of San José is  Tai Milagrosa . A place where the chapel of the Virgin of the Miraculous Medal and the Hermitage of Padre Pio meet.  Tai offers visitors an oasis of spirituality in contact with nature.  A more than recommended destination for those looking to “disconnect” and have a moment of internal reflection. There, you can also enjoy activities such as trekking, mountain biking, horseback riding, photo safaris and sauna.

 3- Parish of St. Ignatius of Loyola 

Located in the town of San Ignacio, the parish was founded in 1990. It is colonial and baroque style. It has a main nave and two side naves with transept and transept. It has neo-romantic elements in its decoration that invite you to travel through another era. The parish is an emblematic site of the Jesuits, one of the most powerful religious orders in America.

 To complement the visit to the Parish of San Ignacio de Loyola is the  Teyu- Cuaré Provincial Park. There is also the Jesuit Guarani interpretation and recreation centre and the house of Horacio Quiroga writer.

 4- Corpus Christi Church 

In the village of Corpus Christi is opposite the main square, the Church of Corpus Christi. The building was built in the early twentieth century.  It is a place with a history that dates back to the  Jesuit era . Tourists can visit the former Jesuit Mission of Corpus and its hermitages.

Corpus was also the first capital of the province. The reduction was founded in 1622 and then refounded in 1701. Later, she lost its capital character, being replaced by Posadas. The mark of the Jesuit spirit is felt and breathed in every corner of the city.

 5- Church San Casimiro 

The church is located in the center of the city of Gobernador Roca, on RN 12. Its imposing structure forces tourists to stop in the middle of the road to contemplate it.  It is one of the most picturesque churches in the province . Its impeccable Neoromanic style is conjugated with its high bell tower. A must photo to admire the dedication of those illustrious missionaries of faith.

Rating: 4.50/5.