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Mercedes: between mate and chamamé

In the province of Corrientes, you can not miss the opportunity to know this beautiful city.
En Corrientes, no te podés perder la oportunidad de conocer la hermosa ciudad de Mercedes
11 April, 2019

Very close to the Esteros del Iberá, in the province of Corrientes, is the beautiful city of Mercedes. With quiet streets, old houses and gardens full of flowers, this city is a must for anyone visiting the area.
Walking its streets, by bicycle or on foot, allows us to know its corners, its corners full of mate and chamamé; live in a calm and unhurried time, and appreciate the beauty of the Esteros from afar.
The city has a hotel and gastronomic infrastructure to receive tourists who wish to base there during their stay in the estuaries and bathed in the region. But, in addition, it offers attractions that are worth knowing, such as the Mitre park, where the House of Culture works, a construction dating from 1890 within which several museums work: the Municipal Historical Museum, the Colonial, the Bellas Arts and the Mesopotamian Regional, in addition to the Municipal School of Art and Languages ​​and the Municipal Library.
Another of the historic buildings is the Municipal Palace, whose façade refers to the House of Tucumán, while its first floor makes it to the Cabildo de Buenos Aires. However, the jewel of the city is the Cervantes Theater, known as “Petit Scala of Milan” because it looks like a small replica of the prestigious Italian theater. Inaugurated in 1928, its architecture transforms it into one of the tourist points that visitors cannot miss.
Mercedes is a traditionally Correntine city with the air of everyday life and the framework of the Esteros del Iberá, which make it an essential for anyone visiting the Mesopotamian region.

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