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Mendoza proposes a bike tour of San Martinian

The cyclists journey links the house of the Libertador with the historic El Plumerillo countryside. There are limited places for this Sanmartinian hobby.


Through the Sanmartiniano Bici-Tour, organized between the municipalities of Las Herasand Ciudad, cyclists can follow the life and work of the Argentine procer on a journey that links the nbsp; Casa de San Martín with El Plumerillo Historical Field. With limited quotas, access is solidarity in exchange for a toy.

Circuits that foster promotion and development tourist route of the Sanmartinian routes, from the El Plumerillo, passing through the Historical Chapel to the Picheuta Bridge. All reflect the presence of Sanmartinian in the territory Lasherino.

In this context, the Municipality of the City of Mendoza joined Las Heras to unveil two historical sites through a circuit called Bike Tour Sanmartiniano, where cyclists can, in addition to enjoying an outdoor activity, witness a visit to the house where San Martín resided while it was Governor in Chief of the Cuyo region, the renovated House of St. M inCiudad, then head to the training camp where the Father of the Fatherland gave life to the Army of the Andes, today called El Plumerillo Historical Field in Las Heras.

The exit

Those interested in joining the Bike Tour Sanmartiniano must register at through the Whatsapp of the Tourism Directorate of Las Heras (2617069013) from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 2 pm. Or in ILC 2 (Tourist Information Centre of Capital, Garibaldi and San Martín, City) every day, from 9 to 12 hours.

With limited seats, the circuit can be accessed via of the delivery of a toy that will be donated to maternity gardens in City and The Heras. Bicycles can be removed at the “On the Bike” station in Independence Square.

This activity is within the framework of the “Circuit Sanmartiniano”, which takes place between the two municipalities since 2017, where more than a thousand neighbors and tourists have been able to enjoy circuits Sanmartinian tourist tours through the City of Mendoza and the neighboring department of The Heras.

Source: Diario Los Andes

Publication Date: 18/01/2020

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