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Wine tour through the city

The Wine Walk is a tourist tour in a couple of blocks. Tasting the best wine in the Mendocino microcenter.
| 24 January, 2020 |

The City of Mendoza is the International Capital of Wine. In honor of this title, there are activities related to wine culture permanently and throughout the year. But these intensify in the summer, high season of tourists, on a walk through the city and its wine bars.

The meetings are held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. It starts from kilometer zero of the city, in streets Garibaldi and San Martín, and every day there is a different route. On Mondays at 19, a guide leads participants through the area of thehistoric centerto walk through the main streets and tourist spots of the place. He tourends in a wine bar and a gastronomic place emblematicof the city will open its doors. The name of this activity is “Origins of the City + Vinoteca”.

On Wednesdays,also to 19, from Garibaldi and San Martin,theTour of Vinotecasis the host of the week with avisit to the Wine houses of the Capitalthat offer tastings and promotions special ones. This one has a different condition than the rest of the two tours:it’s free, but the quota is limited, so those wishing to participate must be punctual. It can only be done by first fifty people arriving at the place.

Finally, on Saturdays at the same time and from the same starting point as the previous walks, those interested can join the so-calledOrigins of Wine Walk. On this tour you will visit the microcenter of the City together with a guide who will immerse people in the world of wine and its history in the city . It coincides with the walk on Mondays, as a restaurant joins this event and invites attendees to taste delicious dishes.

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