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Why come to Mendoza?

Any summer day in Mendoza, we ask tourists why they choose to visit us. Tastes and preferences for a beautiful city.


 Mendoza  is recorded, year after year, on the agenda of the tourist destinations of most Argentines. But, for us, the  Mendoza , the heat and aridity do not make our land a very tempting square. But, of course, it is.  He's got something. But what? The tourists themselves answer. 

From Cordoba, Federal Capital or Brazil. In this case, these are the samples that we have taken from the whole universe that  tourists in Mendoza assume. The first is  an elderly woman who came from Córdoba to accompany her daughter on work issues,  while she enjoys the holidays: “We are going to do City Tour and  I thought to visit the   Baths of Cacheuta . But I'm already impressed, with what little I've seen. The people are very friendly. I also want to know the wine route”.

On the other hand,  two friends arrived from Buenos Aires  to enjoy our land: “We came for a week with my friend. We had a lot of wine, went to the mountain. Beautiful, a place to come back.  What I liked most was the  Aconcagua , where we did a trekking, and the  wines - Yeah .  People are very sociable. It's very peaceful here, nothing to do with Buenos Aires.”


In addition, shops and, above  all, wineries are very frequented by tourists throughout the year . By the way, Germán, tells us that “ we have 80% of foreign tourists here in the pedestrian zone. Brazilians and Chileans, more than anything . But during December and January it has felt a much more local audience. That's different in the purchase.  People who come from Rosario or Córdoba look for more offers, while a Brazilian, for example, targets wines with higher prices . The international public has been well advised and has already visited  wineries . Then they order those wines.”

 A couple from Capital Federal  were pleased by their visit to Mendoza. The woman said:  “It was a destination we didn't know and we found it an interesting proposal for a week. We already went to   the Canyon del Atuel , we did rafting   and we also did the High Mountain Road.We also have the idea of making the Tourist Bus” . 

 We suggest you continue reading the following notes: 

[oembed:serargentinian url=” https://www.serargentino.com/turismo/mendoza/enoturismo-propuestas-para-recorrer-bodegas"][oembed:serargentino url=” https://www.serargentino.com/turismo/mendoza/3-itinerarios-para-recorrer-mendoza-en-auto “]

Publication Date: 26/06/2020

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