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Who said there's no beach in Mendoza?

The shores of the Mendoza River, cold water and ice cream carts emulate the best beach in the Atlantic. At least we'll settle for it.


It's true, Mendoza is 1200 kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean and about 400 kilometers from the Pacific Ocean. However, we have a beach. With umbrellas, street vendors, music, paradores and very cold water. It is Luján Playa, an area on the banks of the Mendoza River, which was conditioned and set up to spend the suffocating Mendoza summers in a more refreshing way.

A classic

In summer it was always a fixed escape to the river. With those words, anyone knows that reference is made to the fact of going to the Mendoza River, at the height of White Encalada, 25 kilometers from the city, with ice cream in hand, to spend a more pleasant afternoon and overcome the infernal summer temperatures.

However, the issue was not organized. Each one was coming down. with his car from Route 82 towards the river by any small street in a dive and was parked exactly by the water. It was built up vehicular disorder, it was polluted and even some accident had to regret at some time, product from the negligence of bathers.

Luján Beach

But everything changed. A few years ago the municipality took letters in the matter and regularized the situation. Now. there is parking lot for cars and motorcycles, tables and barbecue, playground, three swimming pools with river water, paradors, security, lifeguard and everything that has any beach on the coast. In occasions, on weekends usually, come entertainers, shows and live bands to raise the people and the public present.

Check-in time is from 10 to 21 hours, every day. While the entries are charge per vehicle, be it car or motorcycle. That is, those who access on foot or in public transport may enter free of charge.

Publication Date: 15/02/2020

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