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What most “googled” tourists in Mendoza

Google produced a report where Mendoza appears, for Argentine tourists, as the eighth most sought after destination. Which places do they choose?


Until just over a decade ago, practically the only way to plan a long trip was through an agency, to which one would personally attend to see the best options and choose according to your desired. Although today these locals are still in force and reinvent themselves, the growing trend among tourists is to find out about destinations, lodging and transfers through the internet. With information about this type of searches carried out by tourists collected from January to September 2019,  Google presented an x-ray of the latest online tourism trends in Argentina , where Mendoza's growth as a tourist destination was evidenced.

According to the report,  the province has increased 34 per cent over the previous year.  Thus, according to the ranking of the 10 places that generated the greatest interest in national travelers of the platform,  Mendoza is ranked fifth considering only domestic destinations,  behind Buenos Aires,  Bariloche , Cordoba and Salta, and eighth of the overall total where Rio de Janeiro, Madrid and Miami were preceded by Rio de Janeiro,  Madrid and  Miami .

 “ The growth threshold of the category is between 10% and 15%, so growing to 34% speaks of an increase in users' interest above the category,” explained Santiago Pachano, Commercial Director for the Tourism and Travel Industry of the company.

The reasons for growth

The spokesman explained that this growth is due to a combination of aspects, but that two main causes associated with the context are observed. “ First of all it has to do with the intent replacement of people who were looking for the trip outside and changed it to a domestic destination,” said Pachano. As a second point he mentioned the growth in access to accessible flights and fares. “Today people can quietly buy several tickets to different cities in the interior and solve the holiday experience at a lower cost than an international alternative,” he said.

In turn, the commercial director clarified that a destination may get to have more searches for some particular situation. “ The advertising or encouragement that the city can make can generate changes in a search trend for tourists,” he said.

 The attractions of Mendoza 

As highlighted in the report, the Mendoza landscapes that generate greater interest throughout the year are the Cerro Aconcagua and the Inca Bridge. While there are others that vary according to the season of the year.

In this sensePotrerillos,  Atuel Canyon  and San Martín Park are a search trend during spring and summer.While in winter Penitentes and Las Leñas stand out. The latter center even surpasses in interest the Cerro Catedral, located in San Carlos de Bariloche.

Another information included in the study lists the provinces that are most inclined to Mendoza as a destination (Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Santa Fe), which corresponds to the origin of most national tourists arriving in these lands.

 Google Ranking 

Google compiled a list of the places that most search interest generated in domestic travelers, where the following destinations are located:

1. Buenos Aires 

2. San Carlos de Bariloche 

3. Rio de Janeiro 

4. Madrid 

5. Cordoba 

6. Miami City 

7.  Jump  

8. Mendoza 

9.   barcelona  

10. Cancun 

Source:  Los Andes Newspaper 

Publication Date: 26/11/2019

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